How to get asian looking eyes

People in Europe and America usually have round eyes and the crease is very visible. This is different from most Asians. Their eyes are narrower and they usually do not have a pronounced crease. Their eyes look sexy and mysterious. If you are attending a themed party and you choose to dress up like an Asian character, better make your features look more Asian. Since eyes are usually what distinguish Asian from others, you can make your eyes look Asian to match your outfit.

How to make a gingerbread house out of cardboard

Finally, it's here. Now I can show you my paper gingerbread house for the Holiday Maker Fest. The Holiday Maker Fest was held from November th, It was amazing. But you can still get my files for this adorable Scented Gingerbread House by going to the Paper Glitter Glue library. One of my friends suggested that gingerbread paint I made last year would be perfect for this project.

What is the best saxophone

Below we take a look at the Best Alto Saxophone. Finding the best Alto Saxophone, or Alto Sax as it is commonly referred to as being challenging. This is mainly because of the number of sax brands on the market producing very similar models, meaning it can be hard to find stand out products. Saxophones were first invented in the s by Adolphe Sax, an instrument designer from Belgium. The Alto Saxophone is by far the most popular Saxophone and is used in almost every relevant musical genre and category you can think of from classical and concert to swing, jazz, soul, and funk. The alto saxophone is always on an E flat pitch and one of the greatest things about the saxophone is the fact that the fingerings are the same on every single model.

How to do integration in scientific calculator

Scientific calculators have more functionality that business calculators, and one thing they can do that is especially useful for scientists is to calculate exponents. On most calculators, you access this function by typing the base, the exponent key and finally the exponent. Although this is the convention, it's always good to do a test, because some calculators may require you to enter the numbers in reverse order. Scientific calculators are easy to distinguish from business calculators because of their many extra function keys. If you aren't sure if you have a scientific calculator, try this calculation:.

What to take when feeling a cold coming on

A tickle in your throat. A cloudy head. An achy body. Fun fact: The average adult gets three colds per year, each lasting an average of nine days, says Jane Sadler, MD, a family practice physician at Baylor-Garland Hospital in Garland, Texas. Drinking water and juice to stay hydrated can help cut down on symptoms like a sore throat and stuffy nose , says William Schaffner, MD, professor and chair of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.