Bud light ian up for whatever

bud light ian up for whatever

Bud Light's Ian's Up for Whatever ad could be the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever

Oct 07, On September 8 th Anheuser-Busch invited 1, millennials who were up for whatever to spend the best weekend of their lives in Whatever, USA. Citizens of Whatever, USA partied with celebrities, Author: Jeff Fromm. Feb 03, Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 'Up for Whatever' "You somehow find yourself in a limo with Reggie Watts and some bachelorettes, and then get styled b.

That is quite literally what Bud Light lets one lucky guy enjoy as part of its Super Bowl "Up for Whatever" ad er, film. Take a look:. There are so many good things happening in this video, so let's just go ahead and list them. One through Lyla Garrityalso known in some circles as Minka Kelly:. Eleven: The guy who is "up for whatever" is named Ian Rappaport. There's something undeniably ironic about the centerpiece of a major Super Bowl commercial having the same name only slightly different as famous NFL insider Ian Rapoport.

Fourteen: The mere fact that this commercial is jam-packed with so many noteworthy events what are the employment laws in the uk freakin' "Don Cheadle and a llama" is pushed all the way to No.

Fifteen: The musical styling of the ultra-talented Reggie Watts, which, truth be told, I wish there was more of. Put it all together, and, at the very least, you've got yourself one entertaining commercial. You know the deal with Super Bowl ads by now. Because of the potential for such high visibility during one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world, companies are willing to shell out millions upon millions of dollars for ad space.

And as companies continually try to out-do each other on the most important marketing day of the year, Super Bowl commercials have turned into high-quality, big-budget pieces.

As such, watching the ads has become an event completely separate from watching the actual game. Whether or not you like this year's Bud Light commercial or film, or whatever you want to call it is up to you.

But considering its innovation, randomness and just the right amount of Arnold, it's going to have lots of people talking about it.

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Bud Light Super Bowl TV Commercial, 'Ian Up For Whatever' Ft. Don Cheadle Arnold is warming up and getting ready for Super Bowl Thats the premise of this years Bud Light Super Bowl ad. Called Ian Up For Whatever, the hidden camera-style commercial sends an average guy on a series of hilarious celebrity-studded Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Feb 02, Whether or not you like this year's Bud Light commercial or film, or whatever you want to call itis up to you. But considering its innovation, randomness and just the right amount of Author: Tim Keeney.

Subscriber Account active since. Bud Light is using this year's Super Bowl to introduce a new tagline, "The Perfect Beer For Whatever Happens," and America's best-selling beer is pulling out all the stops to make sure it's a hit. The brand just aired the first 30 seconds of a commercial in which an average Joe named Ian is treated to a wild night featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Reggie Watts and Minka Kelly.

The rest of the "Epic Nights" story will air in a second ad commercial later in the game. Here's the full video that Bud Light posted online earlier this week. The two commercials at the game will be an edited down version of the web version:. In its "Epic Nights," a hidden camera follows Ian as he meets a woman named Kelly he doesn't know she's an actress , who offers to give him a bottle of Bud Light if he promises to be up for whatever happens next.

Ian agrees, and things take off from there. From there, Ian receives a suit from Minka Kelly, meets Don Cheadle and a llama in an elevator, and challenges Arnold Schwarzenegger to an intense game of ping-pong in front of a crowd of cheering fans. After Ian defeats Arnold, one of the walls in the room they are standing in comes down to reveal that they are actually in a giant party being played by the band OneRepublic.

Here's the video, which is nearly four minutes long. The Super Bowl commercial will be edited down to 90 seconds and aired over two commercial spots during the game. Bud Light is hoping that its star-studded ad and new tagline will win over millennials as it looks to reverse a continued sales decline resulting from the rising popularity of craft beers and sweet cocktails. Insider logo The word "Insider".

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  1. Oof there are more disllikes than likes. that what this video deserves for making a youtube red ad and wasting my time with clickbait

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