How long do you need to train for a triathlon

how long do you need to train for a triathlon

How to Train for Your First IRONMAN

?·?To do hill repeats, warm up with an easy minute run, then go to a small hill—you want a long but gradual incline. Sprint up the hill for 30 seconds then jog back down. Repeat 10 cgsmthood.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. You don’t need to be the fast to compete in triathlon. The key is getting into a steady pace and sticking to it. It’s common practice in novice triathlons that if you can’t run anymore you can walk for a while to catch your breath, so don’t be embarrassed if you need to stop every now and then. The goal is having fun.

Perhaps, you are an experienced triathlete, having completed sprint and Olympic-distance races. Life, however, has your clock in a stranglehold, and training time is at a premium.

I designed a training plan for people who don't have much time but simply want to complete the event without illness or injury. Training covers 13 weeks and culminates in completing your first Your largest training week will encompass about 13 hours, while other weeks are less.

Before beginning this plan, you are capable of swimming three times per week for an hour per session. You estimate you could hold at least a two-minute-peryards pace for the 2. You can bike comfortably for an hour and a half or so. With training, you're confident you could average between 15 and 16 mph for miles total bike time between and Right now, you're capable of doing a long run in the to range.

You think you could manage a marathon pace of to minute miles total run time between and Up to this point, you've been training around 8 to 10 hours each week without major problems. Due to a long list of commitments, weekday training is fairly light. However, weekends are open for long training hours.

You realize taking at least one day off from training each week keeps you healthy and in good spirits. This projection still allows for a three-hour buffer to complete the race under the maximum 17 hours permitted. You'll need a plan that maps out what sport to do each day, for how long and what type of workout to do.

I've started off with a one-hour swim and a minute run. The goal of the swim is to work on technique and neuromuscular training while keeping your intensity low, thus concentrating on form over speed. The run is done at a steady pace for aerobic maintenance, keeping your heart rate in a designated zone.

By integrating training intensities and heart-rate zones into your IRONMAN preparation, you'll have a good indicator of your conditioning, and rest and stress levels.

A more thorough explanation can be found here. We'll what does it mean to internalize something a heart-rate monitor to designate the intensity for cycling and running workouts. This intensity is like the tachometer of your car; it tells you the pace of the engine. Keep in mind that heart rate can be influenced by fatigue, heat, hydration and other factors, so it is not a direct measurement of pace.

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We count training plans in weeks – like newborn babies. I’m not sure why.

"The key to riding in a triathlon is to make sure you don't overbike and then end up walking for the run. Ideally, we like to have athletes spin at 85 to 90 rpm," says Jen Rulon, a San Antonio Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Here is the short answer to this question: it takes about 24 weeks for an average person who has never done an Ironman to train for an Ironman triathlon assuming that on day one of that training they could finish a First, let me say that I have seen Ironman training plans from as short as 12 weeks to I think that Be Iron Fit has a very popular 30 or 36 week program so there are many, many ways to do this. It means that some Ironman training plans begin with the assumption that you can already swim 1.

In my personal story I did choose to do 3 half-ironman races before I signed up to do a full Ironman. I picked that number of 3 out of thin air. They are very different. Maybe a bit more if you need to learn how to swim. Maybe a little more if you need to learn to bike. I can truthfully tell you that I know many people who have gone from sprint to full In fact, I have a friend who signed up for an Ironman and swim lessons in the same day.

She made it from pretty much zero to Ironman Canada in one year. I think that it is a very intense year when you do that because it is a constant build the entire year. I can truthfully tell you that I coached an athlete who started day 1 without owning a bike and barely swimming and they have made it to Ironman in under 12 months.

I swore over and over that I would never ever do an Ironman triathlon. It looked impossible and unpleasant. I was a runner and I had run 4 marathons before I started triathlons. I did a year of sprint triathlons. That was I stepped up to my first Olympic in In I hired my first coach and stepped up to So it took me 3 years to go from sprint distance to full distance and I enjoyed the whole journey.

I will say that even with the 2 years of building I found the Ironman build to be very intense. There is no right or wrong way to do this. First of all … yay!!! Step 1: Pick a race. I suggest that you pick a race. If you are a beginner look for a sprint race if you are looking at a Step 2: Figure out how much time you have to get ready for the race.

Does it match the time table above … pretty much? I have actually done both those things. Step 3: Take a teeny tiny action step to make it happen. You can register for the race is that works for you. Some people are very motivated by signing up. You can find a training plan. You can find a training club or a coach.

I get these emails pretty often — or late night texts or direct messages — and I will admit that I rarely tell people not to go for their goals. I have done it — I did agree with my brother that training for an Ironman and adding a 4th baby to the family might be too much. My personal first step is usually to write the race on my calendar and then go do a workout and see how I feel after the workout. If I come back from the workout thinking, YES!

Then I usually feel pretty good about the plan. If I come back discouraged I tend to start over. Amy Stone writes about running and triathlon at AmySaysSo. She is the host of the award-winning Mile after Mile Podcast. She is an avid runner and triathlete herself with 7 Ironman finishes and too many other races to keep track of.

She coaches runners and triathletes to reach their own endurance goals. When not running around being busy she loves to read, cook and travel with her family. Hi Amy, I was so pleased to come across your site, you have a brilliant page. I am just the typical crazy athlete who has finished one insane goal and is now looking towards the next. I recently completed the Devizes to Westminster kayak marathon which is an mile kayak race down the River Thames in the UK and am now looking towards my next challenge and have become obsessed with the idea of completing an Ironman.

I do triathlon at the moment with my university triathlon team, mainly sprint and a couple of olympic. The idea of running a marathon after the other two is definitely very very scary, the idea of a marathon at all is scary. I was thinking a sort of two year time frame, so summer to complete it. Some people have said I need at least 3 my parents , other articles have said less.

I study in Southampton in the U. Also training in the Miami heat has definitely been quite a struggle so far, do you have any tips regarding this? Great to hear from you. Training in the summer in Miami is tough. This summer is especially challenging. I would encourage you to not freak out about the Ironman marathon. Crazy but true. Thanks for reading and I hope to have the chance to meet you in person soon. Hi Amy.

I have done a sprint but have set my sights on The race is in Wisconsin in late June. Problem is I live in Chicago. How should I train for open water swims during the freezing months when I only have an indoor pool? Great question and thank you for asking. When you have no access to open water — we swim in a pool. The fitness will be very similar. I personally find it very helpful to work on breath control in the pool which for me translates really well to open water skills.

So I work on flip turns and not taking that first breath off the wall. I will focus on breathing every 3 or 5 strokes for long intervals like s and s. Stuff like that. I hope that helps. Your article was very helpful. I am looking at competing in my first Ironman as a goal however the closest race to my home is right on the threshold of training time 7 months. I am an endurance athlete multiple centuries and ultras however I have only competed in a hand full of triathlons the longest being an Olympic a couple years ago.

What are your thoughts on traveling for your first race potentially across the country? It can definitely be done. My first Ironman was in a different country. It was a wonderful experience for me and my family. It just makes things more complicated. Not undoable — just more complicated. Let me know if that would be helpful. Hi Amy, Thanks for this post.

I am training for Ironman Madison I am currently 10 months out from the race and feel a bit aimless. Most programs start at 6 months out. I am currently running or biking an hour. Or, swimming m. I am able to do this times a week. Any other guidance on what I should be doing? THanks in advance. You are in great shape.

This is a super common situation that we find ourselves in when the Ironman is months away. You are doing the right stuff. This is a great time to work on things like strength training and also specific form improvements.

So skills on the bike and swim form. That alleviates the pressure of what am I training for now.

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