How to change password in

how to change password in

Account confirmation and password recovery with ASP.NET Identity (C#)

Jan 18,  · Expand. Introduction. The registered user needs to login with his/her login credentials (user name and password). After successful login a Change password link will be visible. Here by clicking the link a new page will appear where the user must enter the Current Password, New Password and Confirm Password and then click on the Update button to change his/her password respectively. using System; using; using; using cgsmthood.comtrols; using cgsmthood.coment; using cgsmthood.comuration; using; public partial class Change_Password: { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { = "Welcome " +Session["name"].ToString(); } protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection con = new .

Thanks:- Ramshanker sir Realy this site is very helpful I've a question. How to convert audio file to text file in windows application c or VB Please explain step what is bullet points on a resume step with code.

Thanks and Regards Ram Jha. Sir i want to send confirmation code SMS in asp. How to Change Password in asp. Hi Fiends! Today ,I am going to explain "How to change password in asp. If you are managing an asp. It is simple and easy process. If you have built registration and login page on website then you have to add this page on your website, Because every registered users want to change your password for security purpose.

I have already built a registration and login page in our previous post. Some students wanted this change password page so i am going to add this page in our previous registration and login page. Now days ,Google ,Yahoo,Facebook ,Microsoft and other websites are using this functionality for security purpose.

I have build this page in separate post. There are some steps to implement this concepts on chahge. Subscribe through email and get Free updates in inbox. Please like and share this post with your friends Unknown 19 May at Unknown 27 May at Unknown 28 May at Anonymous 4 August at Unknown 27 August at Anonymous 1 May at Newer Post Older Post Home. Passsword by Blogger.

Password recovery/reset

SELECT cgsmthood.comme, cgsmthood.comationName, password, passwordformat, passwordsalt FROM aspnet_membership am INNER JOIN aspnet_users au ON ( = INNER JOIN aspnet_applications aa ON (cgsmthood.comationId = cgsmthood.comationid) WHERE cgsmthood.comme = '[user to change password]' Change the password: DECLARE @changeDate DATETIME SET @changeDate = GETDATE() . Oct 29,  · How to implement change password view in core version of the Create an web app. Create a new Web project and select the MVC template. Web Forms also support Identity, so you could follow similar steps in a web Change the authentication to Individual User Accounts. Run the app, select the Register link and register a .

One of the common practices in user account management is to provide a possibility for the users to change their passwords if they forget it. Usually, the user is provided with the Forgot Password link on the login page and that is going to be the case for this article as well. A user clicks on the Forgot password link and gets directed to the view with the email field. After a user populates that field, an application sends a valid link to that email. An email owner clicks on the link and gets redirected to the reset password view with the generated token.

After populating all the fields in the form, the application resets the password and the user gets redirected to the Login or Home page. To navigate through the entire series, visit the ASP. NET Core Identity series page. Sending an email from ASP. NET Core article, where we explain that process in great detail sync, async, attachments, different body types, etc.

Next, we are going to add a configuration for the email service in the appsettings. GetSection "EmailConfiguration". AddSingleton emailConfig ; services. The Email property is the only one we require for the ForgotPassword view. This is a familiar setup. The first action is just for the view creation, the second one is for the main logic and the last one just returns confirmation view.

Of course, we have to create these views:. If we want to navigate to the ForgotPassword view, we have to click on the forgot password link in the Login view.

So, if the model is valid we get the user from the database by its email. If they exist, we generate a token with the GeneratePasswordResetTokenAsync method and create a callback link to the action we are going to use for the reset logic.

Finally, we send an email message to the provided email address and redirect the user to the ForgotPasswordConfirmation view. With this setup, we are missing two important things. So to do that, we have to modify the ConfigureSerives method in the Startup class:. AddDefaultTokenProviders ;. The AddDefaultTokenProviders extension method will do exactly that, add the required token providers to enable the token generation in our project.

But there is one more thing we have to configure. What we want for our password reset token is to be valid for a limited time, for example, 2 hours.

So to do that, we have to configure a token life span in the ConfigureServices method:. FromHours 2 ;. This is a similar setup as we had with the ForgotPassword actions. The HttpGet ResetPassword action will accept a request from the email, extract the token and email values, and create a view.

The HttpPost ResetPassword action is here for the main logic. And the ResetPasswordConfirmation is just a helper action to create a view for a user to get some confirmation about the action. ResetPasswordAsync user, resetPasswordModel. Token, resetPasswordModel.

Password ; if! TryAddModelError error. Code, error. So, the first two actions are the same as in the ForgotPassword action. We check the model validity and also if the user exists in the database.

After that, we execute the password reset action with the ResetPasswordAsync method. If the action fails, we add errors to the model state and return a view. Otherwise, we just redirect the user to the confirmation page.

As you can see, everything works as expected, and we can confirm that by comparing two hashed passwords in the database:. In the next article, we are going to talk about email confirmation during the registration process.

Find out how! Password Reset with ASP. NET Core Identity repository. Previous Code Maze Weekly Next Code Maze Weekly Related Posts.

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