How to change side post battery to top post

how to change side post battery to top post

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Aug 29,  · Using side post battery adapters to use in a top post battery vehicle also used anti corrosion grease Also an easy way to tell if the alternator is charging. Apr 07,  · I understand why side mount batteries are used, but when it comes to replacing them or sharing them between vehicles, it becomes difficult because they are n.

The trend of side post car batteries is over. Some cars still come with side post batteries, and you might own one of them. However, you can do side post to top post conversion for seamless car battery performance. To do so, you need to know how to change side post battery terminals to top post in the first place. This step-by-step guide will lead you through a smooth conversion procedure. You might be asking yourself if you can put a post car battery on a side mount without the help of a professional.

Yes, you can. Follow these steps for a successful conversion of a side post terminal. As you will be dealing with side post batteries, removing the battery from the car will be more convenient.

Place the removed battery in an outdoor or ventilated place, far from anything inflammatory. Now is the time to get ready with all the necessary tools. You may already have some items in your garage. The car battery has a negative terminal of black color that you have to detach.

Be cautious and keep it away from the positive terminal red color. If the loose wire touches any metal, a spark will occur, which you need to avoid. Strip off the insulation by about a half-inch from the loose cables to expose the wires.

Proceed to attach the clamp-on ends to these two cables. These easy-to-install ends are compatible with almost all types of battery terminals. At this how to make chili cheese fritos, you have to convert side post battery to top post by replacing both side-post terminals with post converters. These converters must reach the top of the battery while stretching between the sides.

Use lead terminals for the best results. Reattach the red positive-side cable to the converter. You should not have any trouble attaching the clamp-on ends to the battery terminal. Check if the cable is firmly attached by putting pressure on it with your fingers before moving to the next step. Follow the same procedure mentioned above to connect the negative side cable. Keep the negative cable and your hand away as much as possible from the positive side because close contact may trigger electrical arcing.

The last step of car battery conversion is applying corrosion-resistant spray on the terminal and cable. It saves the whole connector from wearing out too soon. This is how to change side post battery terminals to top post at home.

You can do it easily just by following this procedure and taking proper safety measures. Such a conversion will make battery maintenance much easier. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, what is considered low triglyceride levels he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts.

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Feb 03,  · I show you how to change your battery terminals from side post to top post with extended cables. Nov 22,  · It's a pretty simple process, but for those who are perhaps not mechanically inclined it really is this simple to change out your battery. I know most places.

When you lift up the engine hood on your car, you might be in for a surprise. However, you may encounter a side-post battery in your car. Explore the steps in converting a side-post battery into a top-post design. Your car battery maintenance will be easier as a result of your efforts. Consider battery removal as your first step. The battery must be located in a well-ventilated area without any nearby sparks, such as from a cigarette.

Your working area should be free from hazardous materials. Also look for post converters that will make the conversion an easy task. Clamp-on ends for the positive and negative wires are also helpful. Their installation will streamline the process.

Locate the black or negative F1 terminal. Carefully remove it from the battery. Lay the wire away from the positive side of the battery. The positive side is almost always indicated by a red color, reports the Auto Parts Warehouse. If any metal connections between the positive and negative sides touch, a spark or shock might occur. Be mindful of the loose wires at all times. Look at the loose cable ends.

Cut off each end of the cable. Strip away a half-inch of insulation from the cables to reveal the wires within. Attach the clamp-on ends to each cable. These parts give you a safe and effective way to convert a side design to a top-post configuration. The converters should stretch between the sides and end up along the topside of the battery. Each terminal must be made of lead for the best conductivity. Complete the project by reattaching the red or positive side cable to the post converter.

These battery terminal types should be compatible with the clamp-on ends. Be sure to check the connection before moving onto the next cable. The positive side should be firmly set onto the post with a firm grasp. Repeat the same cable-connection process with the negative side. Be mindful of the space between your hand, the cable and completed positive side. Electrical arcing is possible if these items are simply close to each other.

Maintain as much space as possible between the positive and negative sides as you affix the cable into place.

Safety is always a top priority. The Auto Zone suggests that corrosion-resistant spray should be one of your final steps. You can spray it after installing the cables or before. Most people top the finalized connections with the spray so that the terminal and cable are free from any residue as a whole. Your conversion project may require a handful of auto parts, but the result will be a battery with enhanced maintenance possibilities.

Challenge yourself with a conversion project that makes you the master of your vehicle today. Skip to content. Collect these tools together, including: Gloves Safety glasses Pliers Wrenches Also look for post converters that will make the conversion an easy task. Alter the Cable Ends Remove the red or positive cable. Each battery terminal is now disconnected. Replace each battery terminal with a post converter.

Reattach the Positive Side Complete the project by reattaching the red or positive side cable to the post converter. Connect the Negative Side Repeat the same cable-connection process with the negative side. Apply a Corrosion-Resistant Spra The Auto Zone suggests that corrosion-resistant spray should be one of your final steps.

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