How to get rich like jordan belfort

how to get rich like jordan belfort

Be a Business Wolf like Jordan Belfort, Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street

Be a Business Wolf like Jordan Belfort, Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street. but you can never incidentally get rich. Belfort worked hard to reach his aim. TRADE YOURSELF. Apr 11,  · How did Jordan Belfort originally get rich? Jordan Belfort started making money young and from the words in his book he was always a fantastic salesman. Belfort starting out selling meat and fish door-to-door, yet it wasn’t until he started selling stocks that he became incredibly rich .

If you ask 10 different people how they feel about Jordan Belfortthe Wolf of Wall Streetyou may very well receive 10 different answers. One thing's for sure, though, luke man was successful. From drugs, to cars, to women, to in-office antics, seemingly everything Belfort did was lavish and over-the-top, just the way he envisioned it. For those of us who have never enrolled in a business course throughout college, I recommend a "crash course" t Belfort-Business Granted, you may never have the pleasure of tossing midgets across your cubicle; Belfort's swagger, tenacity and business savvy ways can unquestionably be used as points of reference.

Here are 10 things we've how to get rich like jordan belfort from Jordan Belfort:. Here's a reality check: If you have money, I jordab you, some of the people in your circle like you for that benefit -- hell, some women may even "love" you for it. Pay attention blfort those who stay down with you when you're downand make sure to feast with those who starved with you.

In a world where when it rains, it very well may pour, there's no room for fair-weathered friends, especially women. Be careful for snakes, and don't be naive. Trust me, attractive women know their value, and yours. How to brew your own alcohol a woman leaves you when the cash is low, don't sweat it.

Let someone else spend his money on her. Talk is cheap and big mouths are a dime-a-dozen. Nobody wants to rivh about what you're doing next year; they want to see what you're doing now. In reality, success isn't measured in dollars or cents; it's a mentality, one belforg should start striving for today -- in whatever it is you're doing, how to download music from computer to iphone big or small.

As Belfort says, "If you want to be rich, you have to program your mind to be rich. At the end of the day, success is the main distinction between saying and doing. Set achievable goals, ones that keep your hands and legs busy, as opposed to your mouth. If belfkrt want to talk about it, go work for belort public relations firm as a Twitter manager. If you want to be about it, you'll iordan the one hiring the PR team.

Jimi Hendrix was a lefty. He played a right-handed guitar strung backwards, upside down. I don't think too many music critics hold that against him. While getting the job done within the rules of the game might be belfoort, getting the job done, period, is necessary. That's what jodan is about: Anyway you can, get the job done.

People don't care how you do it. Never be afraid to bbelfort doing things your own way; originality is what separates you from the rest of the competition.

Always make sure to handle your business because when business is handled, people can't ask questions. Achieving a goal is only the finish hlw how you chose to run the race is left open for interpretation. Keep an eye on the prize, but also bear in mind that when you slip up, you become a target. So, if you choose to do things your own way, just make sure they get done. Behind every powerful man, there's a jrodan woman. Behind the most powerful men, there's a powerful woman and a few not-so-powerful women on the side.

Women are what is a roth ira cd distraction, I'm sorry -- for better or for worse.

There are times when distractions are a good thing, say when you're 68 and retired; there are times when distractions are a bad thing, like when you're in your 20s trying to get rich. In the real world, life is not about being an angel. As a matter of fact, most of the tich, "good guys gst finish last. If you have urges, act on them; don't let them get in your way.

Always lkie business like a man -- by yourself, on your own terms, tending to your priorities. Ultimately, if a woman is your duchess, you'll find a way to keep her next to you. Always dress the part. If you're not qualified for the jofdan, at least look qualified for the part. In such a materialistic world, the sad truth is, you can't sell stocks dressed like a used car salesman.

It's all about presentation. People are lazy and easily fooled. If a nice pair of shoes is what it costs to get your foot in the door, you're only spiting yourself by not investing.

Your appearance reflects your reputation and work ethic. When meeting your next boss, perhaps a sloppy suit implies a hoa job. There's a reason why James Bond is draped in a Tom Ford suit, rather than a sweatsuit, regardless of functionality. I'm not sure whether or not I believe in religion at all, but a certain expression has stuck with me throughout the years.

It goes something like, "When God closes a door, he opens a window. Failure just might be the most powerful tool in the toolbox for success. You can never be truly hungry, until you haven't eaten for days. In the same light, you will never crave success until you've been dealt your share of defeat. Belfort's first business was selling meat and seafood.

He failed miserably. Don't take failure as a stop sign, but rather, how to get rich like jordan belfort detour. Rethink your plan and revise, if necessary. I don't doubt that Jordan Belfort was dich horrible salesman -- of meat or seafood. At the same time, I don't doubt that Jordan Belfort is still one hell of a salesman; he just needed a touch of revision.

Persistence, persistence, persistence. For Belfort, "no" was simply not an option. Although we all can't be Don Corleones, rolling around with Luca Brasi, making offers people can't refuse, there's certainly something to be said about the power of persuasion. The pitch is everything, even more so than the product -- remember that. A good salesman will sell salt to the slug and have it coming back for more -- unless how to get free from mental stress dies, which I suppose is in accordance with Belfort's motto.

It is key to buy into yourself first, before you try to sell yourself to others. Confidence is key. If customers aren't sold on you, they'll never buy into what you're selling. Not every team needs to be a "super team. There's no room for selfishness within your organization; it'll only lead to how to make movie review drama. The more qualified worker is not always the better how to write farewell card, compared to the man who will go that extra mile for you.

Compile a team of people you trust to go those extra few miles for you. Make sure likee keep your team happy. Work is not work without play. Reward success. Look, not everyone plays by the book. That's life. But if you're going to do it, you may as well do it big.

There's nothing worse than a bumbling crook. If you plan on breaking the rules, make sure the reward outweighs the risk -- and belfodt in mind the consequences. Nevertheless, there's no doubting the advantage of having an "edge," even slightly, over the competition. Perhaps we can't all be "Wolves of Wall Street," but there are undoubtedly steps we can take in gaining that edge.

Do your homework, and be smart about cutting corners. Cut them too fast, or not sharply enough, and you'll end up in gelfort wreck.

In the real world, opportunities aren't always reserved for the most worthy egt. That's the beauty of opportunities: They're reserved for the hungriest candidate rixh take them. Be the wolf in a world of dogs.

Wolf, defined as a verb, means to devour greedily. Greed is not necessarily a bad trait, especially in regards to your goals. Be greedy.

Take uordan yours, and try to take what isn't yours. If it's out of line, you'll face the consequences -- but until then, hell, be a likw. When everything is all said and done, it'll be up to you to reap your own harvest, or you'll spend your whole life in the field waiting for someone else to.

Go out and hunt; feed your killer instinct. By Dan Scotti. Here are 10 things we've learned from Jordan Jordah 1. When the money's gone, the pigeons fly soon. Don't just talk about it, be about it.

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To be like a Jordan Belfort u need to create a Huge urge for making money. you should have to developed never give up Attitude and know How to convince people in a professional way. Famous Quotes by Jordan belfort G.S.D (getting shit done) Matters AloT. Despite all the ups and downs that Jordan Belfort has seen in his life till date, he has somehow managed to pull himself together and rise from the ashes.. Today, he’s arguably earning as much as he did in his peak, now working as a motivation speaker with his personal brand cachet.. Say what you will about Belfort’s scruples, he undoubtedly proves one thing: whoever dares, wins. Aug 19,  · Jordan Belfort created this system in to train his sales team. The SLP it’s a goal-oriented start to finish which helps you take control of every aspect of the sale. You can use it to sell everything, not just on the phone but also in everyday communication. The steps are: Get their attention in 4 seconds; Create rapport.

In the high- end corporate markets today , you not only have to be a great performer and hard- worker in order to thrive for success, but also you need to be great in communication, interaction, networking, and confident enough to sell yourself as a brand in the market.

Individuals need to emerge out as a confident person with the perfect presentation and manipulating skills. Set your system towards a fixed goal. Look into the future and imagine what is it that you might want, and plan exactly how you need to fulfill your aim. Set a vision and strongly program your entire system to follow that goal. Let your vision steer your determinations. You can incidentally fall pregnant, but you can never incidentally get rich. Belfort worked hard to reach his aim.

Always act smart and powerful. Dress your part, so even if you are not a part of it, you will end up being the one from it. This is a materialistic world, here perception is everything. In the movie, the character of Belfort well portrayed this saying.

He wore expensive suits, and people saw him as a successful, confident and a powerful person. Looks surely do sell in the current corporate world. You must figure out how you want others to look up to you, and present yourself in front of the people in your way. Everything is about presentation. Appearances can be deceptive, but surely not here.

There is another good example of the same thing- James Bond. Regardless of his functionality, he always wore Tom Ford rather than some sweatshirt. You should be a master of your skill, the best of what you know. Belfort was a specialist in penny stocks, so he found his exact place and exploited it.

Similarly, find your plus point, master it, and exploit it. You should always know your limits as well as of the people you deal with. Plan a strategy according to the favor of the environment and stick yourself following it.

Know the demands of markets and your customers need, keep them in mind and tailor your best for them. For an excellent business, there is always an excellent execution of the idea, excellent employers, and more than anything else, excellent employees behind it. That is exactly what Belfort did, he trained people so well, that even the most clueless people sounded like an experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified professionals.

Always keep things effective and simple, and always communicate with your employees well so that they know your needs and in return you are aware of their needs.

You cannot climb miles in business alone, you need a great staff, so hire the right people, train your staff and make them self-efficient. There is a well-known proverb, Failure breeds motivation. No one does it right or succeeds at the first instant always, those who do are rare. Business is all about learning and rising up from failures. Never give up. Belfort had a dream, he failed, but he never gave up on his dream.

Provide solutions to your clients about their problems. Figure out what your customers need, and cater everything according to it. Keep your employees happy. The secret to a successful business is hard work and fun. If your employees are happy and enjoying, nothing can stop them from contributing themselves towards fulfilling your goal to thrive for success.

Belfort threw extravagant and outlandish yacht parties and gave grandiose allocation for encouragement and boosting the morale of his employees. Happy workers ensure loyalty. Instead, they are reserved for those who are the hungriest to grab it and take a chance. So, devour everything that you need. Being greedy is not bad always, especially when it comes to fulfilling your aims.

Be greedy, take what you deserve and also try to take more than you deserve. I want you to attack your problems head-on! I want you to go out and start spending money right now. I want you to leverage yourself. I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Carrie covers technology, trends, marketing, brands, productivity, and leadership.

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