How to have a more effective prayer life

how to have a more effective prayer life

How to Develop a Dynamic Prayer Life

The key to an effective prayer life is to set our eyes on the Lord instead of ourselves. Lord, what do You want for me? How are You working in my life? How can I further Your kingdom today? HOW TO DEVELOP A STRONG PRAYER LIFE 2 II. PRACTICAL ISSUES IN DEVELOPING A CONSISTENT PRAYER LIFE A. Three ways to strengthen our prayer life are to set a schedule for regular prayer times, make a prayer list, and have a right view of God. A schedule establishes “when” we will pray. A prayer list gives us focus on “what” to Size: KB.

What is prayer? Often we simplify prayer to simply being our conversation with God. I read this quote from John Bunyan in my daily devotional and thought it captured the essence of prayer so well. Deepen and inspire your prayers with the Pray Deep Prayer Cards! Get your FREE set of printable prayer cards outlining 16 different ways to pray today!

The core of this statement says prayer is our conversation with God for the purposes of achieving the will of God. If you want to how to write business introduction email your prayer life to the next how to set a password on wifi netgear and experience the full power of this conversation with God, check that you have these 7 essential keys to effective prayer.

Set aside any false front, any pretense of who you think you should be, and simply present your true and sincere self to God in prayer. Simply open your heart to God and be honest and sincere, even if that means sharing your doubts and disbeliefs, your disappointments and discouragements, your struggles and grief.

Prayer is not asking God for every whim and fantasy. Prayer is the development of our relationship with God, sharing our lives with the One who created us. The Holy Spirit is the indwelling of God within each of us.

The Holy Spirit is our source of strength and inner guidance. He knows our prayers and even prays on our behalf when we cannot summon the words on our own. He equips and enables us to step forward in faith. So, we lean on the Holy Spirit in our prayers, calling upon his strength and assistance to find the right words, to pray the right prayers, and to bring forth the power of God in this world.

Our prayers should always be in line with the Word of God. What are the promises God gives us in the Bible? What are the gifts and desires he has for our lives?

So, are you praying effectively today? In which area do you need to focus for more powerful and effective prayers? Check your own prayers against these 7 keys to effective prayer. What area do you need to take to God and ask his help to pray more effectively? Deepen and inspire your prayers with 16 ways to pray! I love this encouragement here, Kathryn, especially the reminder that prayer is developing our relationship with God.

Kathryn I am so enjoying these pointers. I have a very hard time with collective prayer and this has helped me a lot. I use these pointers as meditations and God speaks to me through them! Joyce williams. Thank you for you insight into things that most of us struggle with daily.

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Boldly Approaching the Throne of Grace

To have a consistent and effective prayer life, you must treat prayer as the first and the most important part of your day. It should be what you do first in the morning. This does not mean you cannot pray every other time of the day. You just have to seek first the kingdom of God. Sep 30,  · Let’s look at some ways we can develop a dynamic prayer life: Have a personal Bible plan - Daily read several chapters in the Bible or whole books of the Bible. Author: Debbie Przybylski. Jan 02,  · Answer: We all want our prayers to be “effective,” so much so that when we focus on the “results” of our prayers, we lose sight of the incredible privilege we have in prayer. That people like us can speak to the Creator of the universe is itself an amazing thing. Even more astounding is the fact that He hears us and acts on our behalf!

Why am I finding it difficult to pray? Even when I make stern decision to spend time with God, I still find it difficult to make time for it. What is wrong? To be realistic, one of the questions many believers around the world keep asking is how to develop a consistent prayer life. However, for a believer, prayer is not an option. It is not what you may or may not do. It is a necessity. It is therefore expedient that a believer is concerned about how to develop a consistent prayer life.

A regular prayer life is essential for a believer to assume his position and take his possessions. This was written with you in mind. In a broader sense, Prayer is the interaction between the terrestrial and the celestial. It is the invitation of the celestial to the affairs of the terrestrials. It is the engagement of humanity with divinity. You must understand this before we dig into how to develop a consistent prayer life. Popularly, prayer is defined as communication with God.

This art of communication extends beyond the use of words. Yes, prayer is beyond the use of words. You can pray without engaging your vocal cord. Many religions pray without uttering any word. Just like there are verbal and non-verbal communications.

So there are verbal and non-verbal prayers. Prayer, as communication with God, goes beyond mere talking to God to walking with God. In simple words, prayer is an interaction with God. Yes, the methodology of prayer differs.

The schedule is tight and 24 hours seems not to be enough. Many things are calling for your attention and they all appear to be urgent. And then, we are tempted to treat prayer like a medicine.

We remember its effectiveness only when we are down. Learning how to develop a consistent prayer life is similar to learning how to be consistent with exercise. Just like exercise, you must learn how to live a life of prayer.

You have to grow from praying occasionally when in need; to seeing prayer as a lifestyle. This is the secret to a powerful prayer life. Every trainer knows training is not an occasional thing.

You need not lose ground spiritually. Below are valid points to put in mind, to be motivated to pray consistently. And that is, the strength, wisdom, and grace needed to do your seemingly unlimited daily tasks can only be tapped from the place of prayer.

Human beings are not omniscient, thus, we cannot see beyond our nose. To see into the future and be guided beyond our mortal wisdom, we need to rely upon God and connect to Him through the Holy Spirit in prayer.

Communication is not complete until we give and receive signals. So, as we pray, pouring our heart to God, we also listen to get divine instructions, directions, and guidance needed for the long haul ahead in the day and days to come.

We must be occupied not only with the thought to build our relationship with other men, or to build an empire in this life for ourselves, but also to build our faith.

If lovers meet only when there are issues to settle, something is wrong with such a relationship. Lovers long to be in the arm of each other and just stare into the face of one another; enjoying the moment together.

In the same manner, we do not pray just to make request and petition. We should not pray when only in trouble. We pray to interact. We pray to express our love to the one we swear our allegiance of faith to.

Deepening your prayer life is like deepening your relationship with loved ones. It must be given priority. Many other things will demand for that time, but the precious moment to spend with a lover is highly esteemed, so it can not be sacrificed. This will require being determined and deliberate. To have a consistent and effective prayer life, you must treat prayer as the first and the most important part of your day. It should be what you do first in the morning.

This does not mean you cannot pray every other time of the day. You just have to seek first the kingdom of God. Make it a priority. Let your to-do list knows you want to have a consistent prayer life , and have it first before any other thing. Several times, the Bible reveals that Jesus prays very early before dawn. This is how it works. Decide to pray at a particular time of the day and be determined to stick to that time.

This is to condition you to pray at that time of the day or night. Another major reason why people get discouraged at praying consistently is that they attempt to go a long way from the start. Have you registered for a gym session before? Allow your prayer time to grow with time. Do not be cajoled to pray like someone else. Allow yourself to gradually develop the habit of consistent prayer.

Keep it simple in your way. Use your everyday language. After all, both prayers and confession of faith are communication with your heavenly Father. And even if you dose off, you need not crucify yourself for that. Simply try again next time in a different posture that will enable you to pray effectively. Making a grocery list is an important part of going for shopping. This will help to be focused on what to buy and how much to buy.

It will also help to remember the necessary things needed. By doing this, we make the most of the time we use to get things in the grocery store. It will help you to pray more effectively. Your prayer list should be made in advance to your prayer time. Using this can make you pray longer and more effectively. I keep my prayer lists. This is to enable you to see the faithfulness of God and how much of your prayers had gotten results. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

We get better encouragement when we perform tedious activities with loved ones. Having a prayer partner of like passion will help you develop a habit of prayer and thus make you develop a consistent and effective prayer life. Paul and Silas were a prayer partner at a point in their lives. And their partnership in prayer brought about a miracle.

Another example is Peter and John. Accountability is one of the reasons for mentors to lead, guide, cheer, and challenge. This is certainly not limited to the business world and career. It extends into spiritual matters. Having someone to help you stay on track in your decision to develop a consistent prayer life is very important.

Yes, you may not need this anymore once you have the kind of prayer life you desire. For a start, you may need to be accountable. This person should be someone you can be opened to and allow to help you when needed. We are admonished to pray without stopping; which could also mean praying all season. Pray every time. This however should not be mistaken to mean that you stop every other activity and just be on your kneel for 24 hours praying for days and the rest of your life.

What it means is that prayer can become part of you. Such that you pray while you do all that you need to do. The consciousness of the presence of the Holy Spirit should make you mutter some words to him now and then.

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