How to make barbie cakes in video

how to make barbie cakes in video

Doll Cake recipe | How to make doll cake without mold | Barbie Doll Cake recipe

Apr 23,  · How to make beautiful barbie doll cake for kids || Cakes for Kids #shortsOur Social Media: TikTok: http. How to Make Barbie Princess Cake Decorating Ideas. Amazing Princess Cake Decorating. How to Make Barbie Princess Cake Decorating Ideas. Amazing Princess Cake Decorating. , Followers · Gaming Video Creator. World Club. 67, Followers · Adult Entertainment Club. Mega Crazy Videos. , Followers · Comedy Club. Funny Videos.

In this short video, Kim Patino of Coffee and Cakes in Frodsham demonstrates how to decorate a child's Barbie princess cake. First of all you need basic sponge cakes and for this we've baked a 7 inch round and a pudding basin shape. You need to split the cakes and put jam and cream in.

So you literally cut through the bottom tier, the next one has a gap anyway, then you cut through the second one and start to shape them. You then need to make a hole in the bottom right through the cake to sit the doll through. To make a hole I just use a standard small rolling pin, the one I use for how to do a lien out flour paste and for making the flowers and you start to make a hole through the top.

You then put jam in between each layer and that then holds the whole thing together. So they're all securely together, it's quite straight on the top, you've levelled it all up. You then start to put some butter cream on, carry on putting the butter cream on, all the way round.

If it gets difficult to work with, a drop of hot water, keep dipping the pallet knife in, it just makes it slightly easier. You need a flat front bit, so that bit you need to sort of work at a diagonal line and just cut through the front and just discard that how to find ascendant sign without birth time you've then got a flat front.

This is your standard sugar paste, I'm actually using ivory for this, it doesn't matter if you use ivory or white or you can colour it, which ever one you want. You're always better to roll it bigger than the the cake because you need to have a bit to cut off. And again don't worry about it being lumpy, as long as you cover it, your excess will be cut off. So you literally just hold it together, cut down the sides, that then just folds over. Same again on the other side.

Start cutting these out. To cover the whole doll you need lots of these, you're probably talking about fifty circles in total. Then you cut out the middles with the flat side, you don't need the frilly bit in the middle, and this all rolls out again.

You cut each of those into half. Each half then is enough for one frill. Start with a cocktail stick, I'm right handed and so obviously I'm using my right hand, with my left hand holding it, you need to be at the edge of the table just so you can be completely flat and you literally just roll it. Hold it with your right hand and roll just with your index finger. I use clear alcohol to stick it on, it is better than water as water will leave a mark on the icing but alcohol evaporates. So if you use just a tiny bit of clear alcohol and a paint brush, you need to have a good one that doesn't shed hairs though, once you've found yourself a good paint brush stick to it start to wet it a couple of inches above the bottom like that.

Take your first frill, turn it over, just wet both ends a little bit and then fold the ends over so you just neaten the edges and stick it on. And you just keep on working all the way round, stick it together underneath there.

You work all the way round the bottom layer and then you start building up and you just do layer, after layer, after layer. That's how it will look when it's finished. Again the flat front there, with a little blossom, you can put flowers on the front to finish it off. That's completely set now, so that's all hardened up, but you can see how the layers go, you just keep on putting layer on layer on layer until it builds up to the top. Next Page. You might also like Video: Decorate a Christmas Cake.

Video: Petal Paste Techniques. Hi, just testing your website. So far it looks great, I love all the videos and pictures. I will definately be using this site the next time I am trying to create a birthday cake. Miranda - Jun PM. Enter word:. Lovely site, thank you. Split… 20 March I'm not talking about a rich Christmas cake, rather an everyday… 10 March I'm trying to convert a 10cm tin recipe into 2x 20cm tins and there's no… 15 February Lena Re: Baking The Perfect Christmas Cake how long should i bake it for if i halve the ingredients - i just want to make a 4 x 2 inch cake?

One thing you have left out is the number of pans used in the old… 8 December

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Dec 18,  · In this short video, Kim Patino of Coffee and Cakes in Frodsham demonstrates how to decorate a child's Barbie princess cake. Video Transcript Hi I'm Kim Patino with Coffee and Cakes in Frodsham and on behalf of I am going to demonstrate how to make a princess cake . Mar 8, - This Barbie cake is perfect for a Barbie-themed party and any little girl would love to have this cake. Watch our video to see how it I made this cake. This Princess Birthday Cake or Barbie Birthday Cake is every little girl’s dream! This recipe works for any size Barbie or Princess doll and is very fun to make! 2 Cake Mixes 1 Barbie .

A cake that is the skirt for a doll. The icing can be piped on to make it look like a fancy dress. Make 4 cups of white frosting or use ready-made. Preheat oven to degrees F degrees C. Grease a 2-quart ovenproof Pyrex glass mixing bowl with shortening and dust with flour. Insert a clean doll into center of cake. Decorate the skirt with icing tinted any color or use more than one color. Use a decorator tip to make the skirt as fancy as you like and decorate the top of the doll for the top of the dress also.

All Rights Reserved. Barbie Doll Cake. Rating: 4. Read Reviews Add Reviews. Save Pin Print ellipsis Share. Gallery Barbie Doll Cake. Barbie Doll Cake ecb Barbie Doll Cake laura. Barbie Doll Cake JeanieMomof3. Barbie Doll Cake sugarbean. Recipe Summary. Nutrition Info. Ingredients Decrease Serving The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Add all ingredients to shopping list View your list. Prepare cake as directed on box. Pour batter into prepared bowl.

Bake minutes or until cake tester inserted into center comes out clean. Cool 15 minutes. Invert on cake plate with widest part of cake on the bottom. Cool 3 hours before decorating. I Made It Print. Per Serving:. Full Nutrition. Rating: 4 stars. This is such a fun cake. Pampered Chef's large batter bowl is the perfect size and is shaped more like a skirt than a regular bowl is.

I think you might want to get the Barbie bodice cake topper at Walmart or a bake shop ; that will totally alleviate the leg issues. Also, if you cook it degrees for 2hours, the cake will bake more evenly. Read More.

Thumb Up Helpful. Rating: 3 stars. I had to make another 8" round to use as a base to make the cake tall enough to cover her legs. Should I have put Barbie's legs in at an angle? Shouldn't that be in the directions?

Would it even fit then? The end product is darling, but this is a major point. Reviews: Most Helpful. If my photo is approved mine is the Cinderella Barbie cake. I made this for my dd's 2nd birthday she loves Cinderella. I thought of revising this recipe because I made alot of changes but decided it best if I shared them here: I used 2 boxes of french vanilla cake mix and used 1 can diet Sprite per cake mix in place of all additional ingredients.

I have a set of 3 small medium large pyrex bowls so I baked part of the batter in each bowl and created a 3 layer cake. I frosted the cakes with 2 jars of butter cream frosting tinted blue WARNING butter cream frosting is slightly yellow which caused my skirt to be a bit green! Then I added blue sugar crystal sprinkles for the sparkle of Cinderella's dress.

I lucked out and found a generic Cinderella doll at the 1 store so I put the generic dress on the nicer doll and wrapped her in plastic from the torso down. I stuck the candles to her hands with artists gum. After the cake was cut I changed Cinderella back into the dress she came with originally and handed her off to my eager princess.

The guests were wowed! This is such a great idea and in all honesty it was very easy and Im an ammatuer cook. I'm doing that this year and may post pics. You can see instructions on Barbie. Auntie D in MN. This is a very fun cake that I have made several times. I agree with other reviewers that this recipe needs to be "tweaked".

Barbie's legs should be wrapped tightly with plastic wrap. I use a naked barbie and pipe frosting on the body to create her bodice. This is a great basic recipe with lots of easy variations that little girls love! I once had an Ariel Little Mermaid cake with blue "water" frosting and her "tail" piped in green frosting! It got rave reviews! I use the Pampered Chef large batter bowl and bake two separate cakes degrees at 70 mins.

Use a large knife to level the cakes. Cut off the top 2 inches of the second cake freeze for later use. Stack the two cakes with frosing in between. I wrap the dolls legs in plastic wrap before placing her in the cake The doll is then part of the birthday gift!

I bought the top part of the doll in the cake decoratng section at Walmart for 1. I made 2 boxes of the deluxe moist cake mix-white cake and put it in the bowl I put shortning in the bowl so the cake wouldn't stick. I placed the bowl inside a 9X13 baking pan and filled with boiling water a water bath.

I had some splitting while trying to frost but I put it together with frosting. Rating: 5 stars. An awesome idea and a huge hit at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. I used homemade cake and frosting. I even had the power go out for 10 min. I used a cake topper Barbie to avoid problems with the legs.

There are toppers and bowls specifically for this cake at most craft stores you can use as well. More Reviews. All Reviews for Barbie Doll Cake.

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