How to make ninja stars out of notebook paper

how to make ninja stars out of notebook paper

How to Make a Ninja Star Out of Notebook Paper!

#papercrafts#crafts#simplepapercrafts#easypapercrafts. Jan 02,  · How to make a paper ninja star eazy super eazy so anyone can make a paper ninja star with 2 pieaces of normal paper and sciccors make sure to follow the crea.

These things are so much fun to make once you get the process down, you can make them with no tools other paaper your hands and any piece of paper. I make at least 5 of these every school day just out of scrap paper doodles, handed back work, notes, etc. Its an amazingly addictive way to reuse your paper how to fix network error windows cannot access to keep yourself busy during those long days.

You can also do these in the car, at the restaurant, on a plane, anywhere theres paper. But beware, these little bundles of joy can get on a teachers nerves faster than you can say Chicken Pot Pie, especially if you do things like throw them around the class or at your friends.

I'm not your mother, but just know that I'm not responsible for any lunch detention you get nofebook a result of these. Further more, lets get on to the instructions!! You should start out with a peice of paper free of any rips or tears, ouy size doesnt matter, papsr a standard piece of 8. Its a good idea to have a flat surface like a table or a desk to do your folding on, it makes everything a lot easier.

Start out by laying your paper down and making a diagonal fold so the top and side of the paper match up, nnja should create a right triangle with an extra long bottom. Then flip over the paper and fold the extra flap down so it matches up with the bottom of the triangle. Crease the fold with your finger nails, and move on to the next step. The procedure of neatly tearing the paper is simple. Fold, Crease, Lick, and Tear.

Fold the paper, then crease the fold with your finger nails, lick the crease, flatten it out and tear it. Nitebook the instructions above to separate the triangle from the off-cut, this creates a perfect square. You should then fold the square in half and separate the halves.

Now you have two halves of a square and are ready for the next step. Some users have trouble explaining this step, but I have found papr is much easier than it looks. Arrange them so the creases are facing away from each other and the open ends are mxke towards each other.

Then fold the two tops inward so when you put them together it looks like a fat arrow. Then fold the bottoms the opposite direction so they look like the fins of a rocket, the entire thing should look like a 5 year olds representation of a space ship. This step is called "making the sssssnake" because you are going to fold the two halves into "s" shaped pieces.

The first thing you do nootebook to create the triangle, which is made tl folding the body of one half so it matches up with the top and bottom of a half of the rocket ship. The picture below gives a good example of what it should look like. Repeat this to the other half, mirror it. Lay the two halves together with the big openings facing away from each other. What is the present tense of play should make a swastika shape, but don't worry, I'm not a Nazi.

This step is a little tricky but gets easier with time, move on when you're done. This is the last thing you need to do before the star is finished. Fold a corner of the star into the opening on the opposite piece, repeat it on the same piece. Then flip it over and do ouf same. You now have a paper stxrs star, congrats! These are great fun as you might have figured out, some extras you can do to make them fly better is to put a penny in the center, and a square of tape on each side.

You can also put staples in the tips to stablize the flight and add some weight. Have fun! Reply 8 months ago. Reply 6 years ago on Step 4. You should not title it the easiest way to make a ninja star it should be call the hardest way to make a ninja star. Reply 5 years ago. Remember Kids, you'll go to jail if hoq do this in Germany But seriously, folding a "Hakenkreuz" and title it "Germany" is not cool. By crimson sausage Follow. More by the author:.

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Step 1: Making a Perfect Square.

Aug 18,  · My Paper: 1 printer paperSize: A4How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - OrigamiWelcome to my origami tutorial on how to make a paper ninja star/ Shurike.

Question 12 days ago. Question 5 months ago on Step 6. Answer 3 months ago. No, you do the hotdog and then do the hamburger then undo the hamburger afterward and then do step 7. Answer 5 months ago. Reply 3 months ago. Question 2 years ago on Step Answer 8 months ago.

Making a ninja star from a sheet of paper is really simple if you follow these steps. Take one corner of the triangle and fold it over until it meets he opposite edge, forming triangle.

You should have a triangle and a rectangle portion left over after you complete this. Remove the rectangle piece by cutting or tearing it. Make a vertical fold in the square you just made. Hot dog style. Take your square and cut or tear along the crease you just made creating two rectangles. Take one of the rectangles and grab the upper right corner of the piece of paper and fold it down to meet the middle crease.

It should make a backwards "R" shape. Now take the lower left corner and fold it up to the middle crease. Your paper should now have a "Z" shape. After you complete one rectangle do the opposite for the other rectangle. The rectangles should mirror each other as shown in the image above. When you flip the shapes over they should make two squares with a parallelogram in the middle as shown in the image above.

Fold the outermost corners of the squares and fold them diagonal to make a triangles. After you do this you should have a shape that has two triangles separated by a parallelogram.

Fold in the triangles over top of the parallelogram in the middle. You should now have two parallelograms.

You should now have two parallelograms facing the same way. Your top shape should have the flaps facing downward. Your bottom shape should have flaps facing upwards. Rotate your bottom sheet so it makes a "Z" shape. Place the top shape on the bottom shape. Open the flaps of the top shape. The top shape's flaps should be facing away from you. The two shapes should be perpendicular to each other. Take the tip of the bottom shape and tuck it into the top shape's pockets.

Then apply pressure to the edges to create a crease that hold everything in place. As you start fitting the traingles into the pockets, the ninja star form will begin taking its form. You have sucessfully made a ninja star. Feel free to create designs to add your own style to it. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Answer Upvote. Reply Upvote. Alenna 5 years ago. MoTinkerGNome 5 years ago. Woah I forgot all about those. You just took me back to 3rd grade.

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