How to make tshirt quilts

how to make tshirt quilts

The Best T Shirt Quilt, Guaranteed

T-shirt Quilts: New Addition: My newest quilt finished in for the Harley Davidson lover in my collection of T-shirts was soooo large I decided to make a two-sided quilt. This was great for including all the favorites but proved to be a challenge . Quilts made by Tool Cool T-shirt Quilts have not been prepared, repackaged, approved, endorsed or are affiliated with or licensed by any entity that created, produced or licensed the original T-shirts displayed in the memory quilts.

How hard it is to create t-shirt quilts, really depends on how large the quilt and how ornate the design. The larger the quilt the more materials t-shirts, backing, etc. After all the blocks are sewn into columns, make long 2" sashing strips slightly longer than length of each column.

Sew the 2" sashing strips onto the inside edge of the completed columns, one strip to each column don't sew a sashing strip to the outside edges of the columns and sew the columns together. Press toward sashing.

If you need to do a final pressing, make sure you put a cloth over the shirts - they may smear if the iron is placed directly onto them. Finish - Layer backing batting and quilt top. Baste or safety pin together. If you have some experience machine quilting you can quilt your how to make tshirt quilts or you can tie it to hold the layers together. Bind your quilt and be sure to add a label. These are great basic instructions and a great way to get started with your own t-shirt quilt but if you want a more elaborate design or just don't have the time or patience to create your own, check out our t-shirt quilts page and drop us a line to make your very own custom t-shirt quilt.

Skip to main content. T-Shirt Quilt Instructions. Select Shirts - Shirts should be clean and in good condition. Avoid stained shirts or t-shirts that are too thin from wear or washing. Fusible Interfacing - Each shirt must be backed how to check if an email address is fake non-woven fusible interfacing to prevent it from stretching. Buy enough fusible interfacing to make a 17" square for each T-shirt.

Select good quality, light weight interfacing. Fusible interfacing needs to be non-woven, glued only on one side. Cutting Shirts - Separate the front of the shirt from the back. Make sure how to sketch planes in a cubic unit cell shirt is smooth, iron if necessary.

Fusing - Cut interfacing into 17" squares - one for each shirt. Position the interfacing with the resin side down on the wrong side of the t-shirt, trying to center the design as much as possible. Cutting the Squares - Square up each fused shirt to 15".

Make sure you center the design and lettering - measure twice - cut once! Cut with scissors or rotary cutter. Arranging - Lay out squares on the floor and arrange. Make sure the blocks can be read from the desired direction. Completing the Quilt - add sashing - Sashing strips are the horizontal and vertical strips between blocks. The horizontal strips should measure 15" in length x 2" wide.

Cut enough sashing strips to add to all the t-shirts except the bottom row. Then sew horizontal strips to the bottom of each block, except the blocks in the bottom row.

Sew blocks together to form columns.

Introduction: T-shirt Quilts

Jan 08,  · Sew the rows of T-shirt squares together and iron the T-shirt top. To make them easier to sew, pin the edges of the rows together. Remember to leave a 1 ? 2 inch (13 mm) seam allowance as you sew the rows together. Once you've sewn all the T-shirt squares together, iron them so . How hard it is to create t-shirt quilts, really depends on how large the quilt and how ornate the design. The larger the quilt the more materials (t-shirts, backing, etc.) is going to be needed and it will also take longer to design, layout and put the quilt together. Preserve these special memories with quilts you can treasure for a lifetime. Wrap yourself up in the memories with a custom t shirt quilt that’s unique to your life story. Or our quilts make thoughtful gifts, for yourself, or someone you love. Order yours today.

We have several different production options available, so you can find the best way to preserve your t-shirts. See all our our options here! Looking for a more traditional quilt? Check out our Premium T-Shirt Quilts that include batting and long-arm stitching! Still not sure which one is best suited for you? This article explains the different options. Your order will ship back to you within business days of shirt receipt, except for peak seasons.

Please read our shipping and return policy. Select the T-shirts front, back, or both you want to use for your quilt, customize your T-shirt quilt, and checkout. After checking out, use the instructions to cut and package your shirts up. We will take it from there. Don't want to cut your shirts? Hit "Learn More" for details. All of our products are backed with our super soft, plush Minky fabric backing.

Minky fabric is very soft and cuddly. Some people say it feels like real mink or soft as cashmere, unlike regular fleece. We offer seven different colors for your Minky backing: black, royal blue, gray, navy blue, purple, scarlet, and evergreen. Read More. MemoryStitch has product add-ons that you can add onto your order, which are meant to truly customize your order as well as enhance your experience.

We accept most major payment methods! If you'd prefer to complete your order over the phone, feel free to give us a call at ! Phone orders can be done with a credit card number only. Did you order the wrong size or color? We got you covered! Here at MemoryStitch we completely understand that sometimes we buy things on a whim or because of a sale , and maybe it wasn't quite right. You can send us either the front, back, or both sides.

You get to decide! Note: Please do not pre-cut your panels, just cut the side seams. Materials sent in should be at least 2 inches larger than your desired panel size. For example, for 12x12 panels, please send in materials that are, at minimum, 14x14 inches. Free Shipping On All Orders. Our Products T-Shirt Quilts.

T-Shirt Quilts. Previous slide Next slide. Quantity must be 1 or more. Royal Blue. Navy Blue. Add to cart. Our T-shirt quilts are made with Minky, a super soft and plush cuddle fabric.

Super soft and plush Minky fleece backing Multiple sizes available to tell your story Use either side of the T-shirt, or both! Durable, machine washable, and meant for everyday use We have several different production options available, so you can find the best way to preserve your t-shirts.

Frequently asked questions What is Minky backing? How can I customize my MemoryStitch order? What are your payment options? Can I change my order once it's placed? Can I use the front and back of my T-shirts? Jennifer S. I love still being able to show off my all-star and champion shirts, along with reliving past jerseys.

And I love how warm and cozy the blanket is. I got mine big enough to really wrap up in. Awesome t-shirt quilt! I opted to have them cut and arrange it for me. Totally worth the extra money and savings in time! It is already a treasured keepsake already. The quality is great. The team was very communicative and let me make any last minute decisions prior to making the quilt if a shirt's pattern was too large, etc. Thank you!! Thank you so much for our lap blankets and twin quilt! They are so great, we recently lost our father and wanted a perfect memory.

Your amazing work has really touched us. When we gave one to our mother she saw it, cradled it and cried. We cannot thank you enough, and how fast they were made and shipped, you and your company are amazing people!

Super helpful customer service. I always got a reply super fast and the whole process was easy! I love it! My whole experience was awesome. I mailed the shirts and you did everything from cutting to assembling to the final product. It turned out amazing and my daughter loved it!! I love my quilt so much! I wanted to create something with my FFA shirts from highschool instead of having them lay around in my drawer forever.

Less than a week turn around time!!! I will for sure be ordering from them again in the near future but this time maybe for a gift for a friend or family member. The quilt is too big to get a picture of me holding it!!! And memory stitch had it done in just a few days! This quilt meant so much to me since the shirts are my mothers who passed.

Now we will remember this trip for a lifetime! Gave it to my son for Easter. This is the second one I had done and will do again if I get more shirts. Love this company. Thanks for the keepsake useable memory. My most valuable shirt was LOST during the process. The customer service did almost nothing to apologize, I basically had to beg them to make it right but even then my shirt was lost. Disappointed and hope this company goes out of business soon.

Wrapped in the comfort of memories stitched up with love. Thank you Memory Stitch for creating my beautiful tee shirt quilt. I let the seamstress pick the placement of our t-shirts, and they did not disappoint! So happy with the look and feel of our quilt, and surprised at how quickly they finished and mailed it!

The balnkets came out perfect and we love the minky fleece! They were made and shipped back to us super quickly - much faster than we expected. Love love love my new t. It is everything I was hoping for!

This is a great company to work with, they are easy to come in contact with and will reach out making sure they have your permission if they need to alter anything with sizing, etc. My husband was so thrilled when he opened his birthday gift. He had all of his childhood t shirts in the back of the closet and had no idea what to do with them. A quilt made out of his shirts was the perfect gift! Thank you for bringing our idea to life. T-shirt quilt was exactly how I wanted.

Comfy too. Great moment-O of the good ol' days.

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