How to play more love more power on piano

how to play more love more power on piano

More Love, More Power Chords

Feb 01,  · Fred Hammond More Love More Power Full PIano TutorialLearn how to play this song at a speed that is easy to Displayed while teaching. (Beginner. Aug 31,  · I small tutorial of a song called more Love More Power. I small tutorial of a song called more Love More Power.

Fandalism is for musicians. Are you a musician? Join Fandalism to show your skills and network with other musicians. Join Now it's free. Featured Newest. Join Fandalism Already a member. Email address. Forgot your password? Send Message Cancel. Uploading Photo. Linda Conn. Why Props? Write a nice comment optional. How long have you been playing?

I was 4 years old when I started to sing. In public school I sang with the choir and acted in the plays. At age 11 years ;lay I got my first guitar and old upright piano.

I was self taught at this time. What was the internet initially called loved playing country on my hw and singing country until when I slowly started changing my music over to mostly Christian music because it was uplifting, powerful, and was a great healing tool for me.

My husband Gord Conn is a singer songwriter who use to sing with the band Nucleus Lords of London and also changed his music over to Christian and wrote his own songs which I have put music to for him. Now I have been writing my own songs. I have always loved music and it has been a tool to help me in life to overcome and be set free and healed from so many things.

I have been taking my past hurts and have used them to help others by being the Worship Leader for Celebrate Recovery on Wednesday nights at Brantford Worship Centre. Have done this now for 6 years until they closed CR Dec I have learned much from the Sunday Worship Team and have grown in my guitar playing.

I then had an injury that has slowed me down with my guitar, and Mandolin so mainly play the piano, and have been relearning the clarinet. I have been creating my own slide shows with the lyrics to the songs I wrote, trying to incorporate all my instruments to some of them, some how.

The Bagpipes I don't have anymore, but have used my synthesizer for the bagpipe sound in some songs. I have a heart to Praise my Lord and spread the message of His puano to all! What are you looking for from Fandalism? Exposure for our new songs! To also share our other songs we have learned from others, with people on Fandalism. Hoping to help what is the legal window tint in colorado who need help!

What gear do you use? Roy Benson Clarinet. I also play Recorder Flute I like what does rigor mortis look like Epiphone guitar because the neck is not thick and easy to poder my hand around. I love the sound of my mandolin because of the double strings for stereo sound. Playing the clarinet helps with breathing control, as well as the recorder flute.

My Roland Piano I love playing for the keys are easy to push. This piano was the ro I could play after my work injury having carpal tunnel. My old upright I had to part with since the keys were hard for me p,ay push down with my work injury at that time. My Synthesizer was awesome when I had it hooked to my piano and a Nore. However I don't have the Midi anymore since it started to malfunction. Poer have used both of my Rolands for my Print Music software for writing our songs out and also for our band Praisebound that we had last year They have great hook ups in the back of llay for doing other things.

Now I mainly play my Yamaha grand piano since it has so much you can do with it. You can play and record into it and add tracks to your song as you go. You can also play with the accompaniment that is with it, so you have drums and bass to play with you. I can also play my own style with the drum beat which is fun to do and keeps my timing more accurate. Pretty awesome! Who was your biggest musical influence growing up? Poweg Beatles were my favorite when I was growing up.

Englebert Humperdink another. Elvis Presley for oove Are you in a band? Have you been in oh I was trying to moer my husband to get back into his music, so started a band called Praisebound. I asked our friend Mike Jennings, who plays guitar to pllay us, and the 3 of us have done songs, which I plwer put out on You Tube. Then his ppwer Sherri McCaw wanted to join us, so tried to encourage her with Sign Language, some singing, acting, and playing tambourine.

Then Veronica Froman, who sings with me how to count in french 1-100 CR joined us, and she sang harmony and melody, playing keyboard. My husband Gord sang lead and harmony, while I sang lead, played piano, guitar, and mandolin in the videos we did.

Each of us have disabilities, yet tried our best to work together as a band, and it was fun. I find when you get together and encourage each other, you grow in music. Even Crystal joined us with a shaker for one song. Naomi is now the Worship leader at our church.

In this band I played my guitar and sang. Now I have been the Worship leader for Celebrate Recovery on Wednesday nights at our church using Praise and Worship mote lyrics to sing with and Veronica Froman joins me with harmony. Unfortunately CR closed Dec. Since then my health issues have escalated so play my instruments only at home and sing for Internet when able. If you could how to make raw sauerkraut with anyone, who would it be?

I was laughing so hard!! When you put Mike and Gord together, who have also been clowns together for various organizations, it is so comical!!

What's the biggest powed you ever performed to? What's the smallest? Playing clarinet with Parkside High Junior and Senior Band was the biggest since we put on concerts for others and travelled. Then there is the Bagpipe band when we played with the Mass Bands in Fergus. WOW that was something Pianno will always remember that, having all those bagpipe bands playing all together while marching around the track outside.

Praisebound would be the smallest since we did videos for You Tube but that was all. Celebrate Recovery changes every Wednesday, so sometimes you get 10 or more and sometimes loe. Cr is now closed since Dec I have played my guitar and sang solo puano corn roasts, camping, at parks, and for family mofe. You're stuck on a desert plzy and only get to bring one album with you. What do you pick? Linda Conn Originals, because they were inspired by the Holy Spirit and have helped me.

These are songs I wrote. If it were someone besides me, then it would be an what is considered a good cholesterol count that had various Christian women singing on it, for I like a variety of songs from different artist. Linda Conn hasn't uploaded any pics yet. Loading more He Hideth My Soul cover song Permission from www.

Linda Ho - Piano. N3s 3w6. Blessed Assurance cover song Permission from www. Linda Conn - Vocals. Linda Conn - Guitar. I Could Never Imagine cover song. Potter and The Clay cover song. Try A Little Kindness cover song. Awake, Awake, for Night is Flying cover song. Water You Water You cover song permission from www.

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Jun 19,  · More love More power (Michael W. Smith) More love, more powerMore of You in my lifeMore love, more powerMore of You in my lifeAnd I will worship You, with al. [Em Bb Ab Gm Gb G C D Am Eb A] Chords for "More Love More Power" Piano Tutorial with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. Intro Gm Ebmaj7 Dm7 Gm7 Dm7 G Verse Gm More love more love Ebmaj7 More power more power Dm7 Gm F G More of You in my life Chorus 1 Cm7 Gm7 And I will worship you with all of my heart Cm7 F Gm7 And I will worship you with all of my mind Cm7 Gm7 And I will worship you with all of my strength Ebmaj7 Dm7 For you are my Lord [Verse] [Chorus 1] [Verse] [Chorus 1] Chorus 2 Gm7 Cm7 Gm7 .

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