How to reset fuel filter on 2005 duramax

how to reset fuel filter on 2005 duramax

6.6L Duramax Maintenance Schedule

Step 1 Press and hold the return arrow or select button (depending on model) on the right side of the steering wheel for five seconds while the fuel filter message is displayed. Step 2 Follow the subsequent steps if your truck does not have steering wheel control buttons. Dec 15,  · How to use the brake and throttle to clear the factory change fuel filter message!!

Check filter condition every oil change and replace as necessary; replace at 45, miles regardless. GM advises that the ZF S 6 speed manual transmission does not require service.

To maintain shift quality and promote transmission life, consider replacing fluid at 60, mile intervals, especially if usage meets any of the severe duty conditions.

Service interval not provided by GM, routine service may promote longevity. Fluid level should be checked periodically. Drain and replace differential fluid immediately if the axle is submerged in water.

ACDelco LGates ACDelco XGates GMDayco Glow plugs are not interchangeable with all model years. See: Duramax how to find the song title by lyrics models by VIN number [2] to model year engines use a dual thermostat system, 1 front and 1 rear mounted thermostat.

Note - fluid capacities are nominal; always fill to proper level as indicated by dipstick, to the bottom of the fill plug, etc. The fluid capacities listed herein are measured in U. Always verify fluid specifications and capacities in your owners manual, if applicable.

Replace transfer case fluid - 50, miles - 97, miles normal conditions 22, miles severe duty conditions Replace front differential fluid 4x4 Service interval not provided by GM, routine service may promote longevity.

Replace rear differential fluid Service interval not provided by GM, routine service may promote longevity. ACDelco PF ACDelco TP ACDelco Camshaft position sensor CPS. Crankshaft position sensor CKP. Automatic transmission filter. Automatic transmission fluid.

The Ultimate 6.6L LLY Duramax Maintenance Guide & Service Schedule

Aug 22,  · 08 KODIAK LMM Duramax fuel filter light. The filter was just changed 2, miles ago. Yesterday the change fuel filter light came on so I reset it assumed it wasn't reset when filter was last read more. Aug 28,  · FUEL FILTER LIFE RESET This message will appear when a reset is performed either by using the steering wheel controls or the following manual procedure. For vehicles with steering wheel controls, press and hold the select button for five seconds while the FUEL FILTER LIFE message is displayed. This message will appear on the DIC for ten seconds. Feb 03,  · The way you reset the DIC Fuel Filter Life is to turn the key to the "Run" position, wait five seconds, compress both the fuel and brake pedals completely for ten seconds. The "Change Fuel Filter" words will disappear, if this happens, you know that you have reset the fuel filter life.

In a few, short years the Duramax made a name for itself. It also posted improvements in tow capacity, horsepower, and torque. That means you need to follow the proper service schedule and use the right parts. If you maintain your LLY by yourself, you can also save yourself hundreds of dollars.

We take the guess work out of the equation. All you need to do is follow our comprehensive 6. How often you should service your 6. Excessive idling, heavy towing, or off-roading will result in the need to perform service more regularly.

You should follow the severe service schedule. If you tow mostly light loads or use the truck for mostly commuting, you should use the normal operating conditions service schedule. Keep an eye on your air filter and change it as needed.

Keep in mind there are other vehicle features you need to check and possibly replace. Every service you should be checking and rotating your tires. You also need to inspect all suspension and steering components and make sure they are properly lubricated or greased. Front end failures are one of the most common LLY Duramax problems.

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Help Us Get to 1,! Written by Kamil June 23rd, The Ultimate 6. Duramax on the track at UCC 6. Check all areas and components holding fluid or oil for leaks Check tires for signs of leaks, damage, dry rot, or uneven wear.

Check transmission dipstick and smell the fluid. See the quality of fluid or if it smells burnt. If needed, add lubricant or grease.

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