How to say i love you in laotian

how to say i love you in laotian

How do you say I love you in Laos?

The words I love you, Thank you very much, and Forgive me are like a balm for the soul. ??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ????? ????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?????. We hope this will help you to understand Lao better. Here is the translation and the Lao word for I love you: ???? ??? ????? Edit. I love you in all languages.

This is not a phrase you want to mess up! This phrase has a range of meaning depending on the context. Remember that Haiti is a nation with two official bow, Creole and French. This is another common slag for I love you in Creole.

This can indicate romantic, paternal, or fraternal affection depending on yu context. San ou mwen paka viv Without you I can not live. Miss Estherline is the voice of Haitian Croele Net. She was born in Port-au-Prince and has lived in Haiti her whole life.

She is fluent in Haitian Creole, French, and English. Even with a difficult childhood, she maintained a desire to help others - especially children. She is the mother of one daughter and they dream of someday visiting America. Creole is her native language, but she is also how to write a thank you letter to a doctor in French.

You can also listen to her talking about her life. You can hear her beautiful voice on our original Creole Pronunciations. We need your questions! Please click here and ask us anything about the language or culture of Haiti. You can also search for exactly what you need. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer This is not a phrase you want to mess up!

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I love you

How to say I love you in Latin. I love you. Latin Translation. te amo. More Latin words for I love you. l diligunt te. I love you. te amamus. Nov 11, In Laos, I would say 'Khoi hak jao', which means 'I love you'; 'Khoi mak jao lai', which means 'I like you very much'; 'Khoi hak jao lai', which means 'I love you very much'; 'Khoi . Nov 07, The list below would provide you with useful phrases while traveling to Laos. Hello: sabai di; Thank You: khawp jai; How Are You?: sabai-di baw? Good Night: naitonkangkhun thidi; Good Evening: sa bai di ton aelng; Good Afternoon: sa bai di ton suaai; Good Morning: sa bai di ton sao; Please: kaluna; Sorry: khooaphai; Goodbye: Sohk dii der; I Love You: khony hak chao.

Even if you never totally decipher meaning of the curvy squiggles that are the Lao alphabet, learning these go-to phrases will win you favor with the locals. With no official transliteration system to the Latin alphabet, you might see the same Lao word spelled several different ways. With few grammar rules and no requirement to use punctuation or even put spaces between words, Lao is a challenging tonal language for native English speakers to pick up.

But here are a few key phrases that are good to know. Be forwarned, if you start dropping Lao phrases, locals may assume you know more than you do and talk your ear off. Laos has an abundance of Western-style toilets, but squat toilets are still common in the provinces and in public parks. Many toilets of both styles require the user to pour a bucket of water into the bowl to flush.

Lao people are not the best with maps, and most people navigate by landmarks. Addresses are not always prevalent in Laos, neither are street signs. These are helpful phrases for communicating with drivers, especially local bus and Songtaew drivers who are dropping off a lot of people at unmarked stops.

Eating communally is a big deal in Laos and being able to express hunger will win you favor with Lao people who are often talking about food. Lao food and especially delicious shakes, juices and coffee can have an overabundance of both sugar and MSG. Tell your barista or waitstaff ahead of time if you want your order made without either. The same goes for ice. It is often expected that the higher status person or person who invited the group together will pay.

Intense haggling is not the norm, and you may cause a merchant to lose face or sell the item to you at a loss. Sharing a meal and food with passersby is standard procedure. Lao style meals are served with a bowl of sticky rice, spicy sauces, vegetables and meats, and eaten with the hands.

Drinking culture in Laos is serious business. Large bottles of beer are bought in rounds of three to be shared and poured into smaller cups with ice. Toasting is done often, and all drinkers at the table are involved. Hold onto the elbow with your free hand during a toast for extra politeness. Asking about their English abilities in Lao will break the ice.

Laos was a French protectorate from until , and the name stuck. Young children may point and stare calling out the word. Countless lottery tickets are sold at street-side tables, and spirit houses can be seen outside many homes and businesses.

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