How to tether iphone 4 to mac

how to tether iphone 4 to mac

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Jul 24, How can I tether an iPhone to a Mac via USB cable? Step 1: Turn on your iPhones Personal Hotspot. To do this, open the Settings app and tap Personal Hotspot. Then toggle the switch on. Step 2: Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. Step 3: . Oct 05, Step 1: First, ensure that your iPhone is paired with your Mac via Bluetooth. You can do this by going to System Preferences > Bluetooth. Then, select your iPhone from the pane that appears. Also take this opportunity to ensure that your Macs Bluetooth is turned on. Step 2: Turn on your iPhones Personal Hotspot.

You can use Personal Hotspot to share a cellular internet connection from your tethee to other devices. Instant Hotspot allows you to connect your devices to Personal Hotspot without entering a password. See Join a Personal Hotspot. Note: Personal Hotspot is not available with all carriers. Additional fees may apply. The number of devices that can join your Personal Hotspot at one time depends on your carrier and iPhone model.

Contact your carrier for more information. If your iPhone and the other device are set up as follows, then Instant Hotspot connects the devices without requiring a password:.

When a device is connected, a blue band appears at the top of your iPhone screen. The Personal Hotspot icon appears in the status bar of the connected device. The Wi-Fi status icon in the menu bar changes to the Personal Hotspot icon as long as your Mac remains connected to your Personal Hotspot. Then on what does pepino mean in spanish Mac or PC, follow the manufacturer directions to set up a Bluetooth network connection.

If you see an alert that mwc Trust this Computer? With Family Sharing, you can share your Personal Hotspot with any member of your family automatically or after they ask for approval. See Set up Family Sharing on iPhone. When you share a Personal Hotspot from your iPhone, it uses cellular data for the internet connection. See View or change cellular settings on iPhone. Each device has Bluetooth turned on. Each device has Wi-Fi turned on.

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Aug 05, Step 1: Make sure your iPhone 4 is jailbroken (see iPhone 4 jailbreak instructions) Step 2: Launch Cydia and search for MyWi . Step 3: Download and install the free MyWi trial then reboot your iPhone. Step 4: Launch MyWi and tweak the settings to your liking: Change the hotspot name. Change the Sebastien Page. Apr 03, Tips For Using Mobile Hotspot On Your iPhone. If youre tethering your iPhone to your Mac, close all of the programs in the background of your Mac that could be using additional data. For example, the Mail app constantly checks for new emails, which can be a serious drain on your data plan. Always use Wi-Fi instead of mobile hotspot. Nov 30, On your iPhone, make sure Bluetooth is turned onlook in the Settings app, in General -> Bluetooth. Once youre sure its enabled, turn .

The page ebook goes well beyond talking about tethering to explain how to create secure Wi-Fi connections, exploit alternative 3G data plans, conserve 3G data, connect Bluetooth devices, access files stored on local computers and in the cloud, protect personal data on your mobile device, and use Find My iPhone and other remote tracking software.

The iPhone has a 3G modem built into it that lets the phone access high-speed mobile data and voice networks. The good news is that you can, more or less, using tethering. Tethering lets you turn a phone into a cellular modem, but with substantially more limits than alternatives such as cellular routers or mobile hotspots.

Tethering is one to one you connect a phone to a laptop , and the laptop must have the right drivers to make it work. In contrast, cellular routers, which are standalone devices, and mobile hotspots, which are a feature on some cell phones, share a cellular connection via Wi-Fi. Tethering is meant as a nomadic option for mobile use because it is more expensive than most other options. You can switch between DataPlus and DataPro and enable or disable tethering a month at a time, however.

Tethering eats up data from the same pool as your regular phone-based mobile broadband use. Once you make the connection, a blue pulsing banner will appear across the top of the screen, as you can see in the screenshot to the left. If the phone is on standby, a larger banner appears on the Lock screen when you wake the phone as shown in the screenshot to the right. It can take several minutes to install, and the installer will prompt you a few times to approve various components.

Mac OS X automatically activates a tethered link, and turns that red dot in the figure to the right green. Not active? On your iPhone, the Internet tethering banner will appear.

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