Nostalgia critic ask me what it means

nostalgia critic ask me what it means

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May 19,  · What does it mean?Clip from Nostalgia Critic: The Nostalgia Critic questions a scene in a movie that makes no sense of why it's in there and says "Cheese." A picture of Cheese comes up as it says 'CHEESE! It's as good as any other answer." Also, Da-Jodel-Rudel plays when that cgsmthood.comates: Channel Awesome Wikia · Channel Awesome .

Many of us are familiar with exploitation films. NC voiceover : The movies that take an often controversial subject and—what else? An image of Bjork wearing her swan dress is shown briefly.

Catherine Deane Jennifer Lopez is in a desert taking to a boy, who is resting against an empty tree trunk. Catherine is seen dropping a toy sailboat onto the ground before she pinches an implant that is on the skin between her thumb and index finger on one hand; Cut to Catherine in a laboratory setting being suspended in mid-air by wires after having pinched the implant on her hand; We see that she wears an unusual rubber suit while her face is covered with a cloth.

NC voiceover : So it turns out this was all just a simulation to go into the mind of the boy in a coma. Two doctors in the adjoining console room use a code to get a response out of Catherine. Are you okay? Because his mind is a mystery? I should be the Lizard! NC voiceover : Eighteen months?! Cut to a country dirt road with a green pickup truck driving past a farm field and stopping at a farm. Catherine approaches the empty tree trunk. Catherine: Edward? She looks into a hole in the trunk Edward, is that you?

Emerging from the hole is the demonic monster version of Edward, snarling; Cut to Catherine waking up from her doze, startled. NC voiceover : as Catherine Pointless! Oh, thank God that scene will add a lot to the movie. An image of a baby doll's head is shown alongside Carl briefly for comparison. Cut to a film transition of what are soda cans made out of train passing by the camera before we cut to a river bridge with policemen examining the scene.

NC voiceover : So we cut to where Carl drops off the body, and the police look over the crime scene. NC voiceover : Well, he sleeps and brushes his teeth in his office. No, no, I mean, literally, Vince Vaughn thinks the best way to look intense is to just leave your lip hanging open the whole time!

NC: I swear! NC: as Peter Alright, people. After months and months of research, we have come to the conclusion that our suspect does officially have hands! Beat Put a search out for everybody that has hands! He stops pointing to look at his own hand and the other all over My God. NC voiceover : But it turns out Carl does strike again and kidnaps a woman from a conveniently empty parking garage.

He puts her in a location far away from his house, but fatefully, the police figure out where he lives. However, he what is the chemical name for baking soda a convenient plot attack and finds himself in a coma. NC voiceover : Uh, are we talking about the killer or Vince Vaughn right now?

NC voiceover : So after he does the Ernest Eyes thing, he leads them to the lab where the dream machine is located. They West and Kent recommend that they go inside his mind to figure out the location of the kidnapped woman before she most likely drowns in this death contrapment.

Now, seeing how Carl liked to take beautiful women and turn them into lifeless dolls, it only makes sense that they send in the most beautiful woman they can find—I dare even say, doll-like—to go in there and face the danger.

Miriam Kent: to Catherine after setting her up in the dream machine Are you sure? NC voiceover : Thank God they just happened to have a Twizzler suit his size on standby, as they hook her up to the machine and let her dive in. NC voiceover : sighs Really? Gah, I can just see Tarsem dancing in the background shouting….

An animated Tarsem voiced and animated by NC bounces around the screen shouting with arms raised and eyes bugged out. Young Carl notices something amiss as he hears a noise; he proceeds to shove Catherine away before he falls backward and sheets of glass come down from the ceiling, slicing the horse into several sections; the sheets of glass move apart to show the different sections of the horse.

Cut to Catherine coming across a few glass cubicles in another room. NC voiceover : So she continues throughout his mind as we see even more speaks nasally disturbing imagery. This really speaks to me! In another cubicle, Catherine sees a victim sitting near a few deer statues in a forest setting, and the victim stares back. They kind of lost their shock value, even when this film came out. Stargher King: speaks in a primitive and guttural voice Where do you come from?!

Catherine screams in fright before pressing the implant on her hand; cut to the real world with Peter smoking a cigarette while examining photos and documents in a different room. They smoke. Peter: stands up what is a baby whale shark called speak to Miriam through the console window into the lab Dr. Kent, can I come in there to speak?

Henry: Let her wake up. Do you understand that? NC voiceover : So Vaughn tries to talk with her to see if she can make any more progress. NC voiceover : God, will you close that damn lip? Peter: Margaret Simmons. NC voiceover : B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b! Peter: Figured I could just try and catch him. Peter: Yeah. They seem to be taking a lot of their time right now. Peter: Old Charlie beat the murder rap because, uh…he was insane when he killed Margaret.

Gordon Ramsey: enters the scene and speaks to Peter Hey, where the hell you been? You looked so cute. You know, you all sleeping when you get that look on your face. I need you to check the circuit breaker. Six through twelve. NC voiceover : Ah, yes, because as we all know, the killer—still deep in a coma—knows exactly what the room what is a cordial glass like and how to replicate it in his mind.

Begin trailer fuel! Catherine is next seen trapped in a glass box and then propelled out of it through a trap door while wearing a red silky gown, then is seen falling down through a giant cavernous room, but rather slowly as though sinking through water.

NC voiceover : So she goes into a flashback where she sees Carl as a little boy being abused by his father. Catherine is seen hiding in a closet while secretly watching Young Carl and his dad eat dinner together.

How about that? You little fucking liar! He gets up, ready to take off his belt Playing with dolls? You little faggot! NC voiceover : But things get even tougher when we flashback to even more traumatizing moments in his life, like that horrible experience when he joined the army. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Private Pyle, you had best square your ass away.

You will not cry! Martin: hits Carl over the head with a spoon Did you break that plate? Cut to Martin having an argument with a middle-aged woman while in his underwear. Remember that! He grabs onto Carl and shows him to the woman See that?

See that?! Child abuse is bad. Yeah, that really justifies this sad imagery. I mean, we know what he did, but we never figured out his personality. We never saw him interact with people. We actually know very little about him! Just that he was beaten as a kid and he kills people. If he were to tell us he was a young guy who wanted revenge and his childhood was fine, what would that tell you? You need to connect socially with him. You see what the final result is. He speaks normally But you know what?

Henry: That hypothetical situation I told you about? Peter: Yeah? She thinks this is real. She looks up to notice something in the lab Henry. Henry also looks up to see nostalgia critic ask me what it means Catherine is no longer in the suspended spot where she was before Henry: No. Henry: to Miriam I need you here.

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Nostalgia Critic is an American review comedy web series created, directed by and starring web comedian Doug Walker. The series initially launched on YouTube on July 3, , before moving to Walker's own site, That Guy with the Glasses, then to Channel show follows Walker as the title character, a bitter and sarcastic critic who mostly reviews films and television shows from his No. of episodes: Jan 27,  · Nostalgia Critic: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it - BECAUSE YOU WON'T FUCKING SHUT UP! I mean, my God! I mean, my God! Ever since I did the first Ghost Rider movie people have been telling me (Critic's voice turns to a high-pitched falsetto) "Review Ghost Rider 2, review Ghost Rider 2, it's so much worse than the first one!". NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. As you all know, I love everything Nostalgic. But since day one of starting this show, everybody has been requesting me to do a certain CGI film that actually came out rather recently. A little film known as "TMNT." Title card of TMNT and the footage of it are shown. NC (Voiceover): I guess since I grew up with the other Previous review: Top 11 Dumbest Superman Moments.

Gags used by The Nostalgia Critic in various episodes. The Nostalgia Critic tends to use running gags throughout his reviews. However, most are often self-contained to the one video. These include but are not limited to The theme song to Doug is randomly played, sometimes when The Critic wants to change the song because it's too catchy. Other times, when the Critic is reviewing a movie, he ends up getting into a situation that parodies and reenacts the movie he's reviewing, with the co-stars acting out and parodying some characters in the movie who either join or pursue the Critic, as well as situations and props in the movie being parodied and shown.

They always serve to replace movie clips in the review. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. One-Use Gags [ edit edit source ] The Nostalgia Critic tends to use running gags throughout his reviews. Various parodies of Nintendo's "Now you're playing with power" slogan in response to questionable behavior including "incest", "vehicular manslaughter", and "pedophilia The ruler hitting him over the head in Captain Planet every time he says "ruler" as a response to Wheeler saying "fire" to make fire appear. The repeated use of the word 'Genius! A tumbleweed flying across the screen after bad jokes on Good Burger.

Playing the Imperial March and screaming "Jonas! Jackson wills it! Different examples of what Willy's whale sounds sound like "It sounds like Jar-Jar Binks in a blender! The way nobody in Judge Dredd can say the word "law" like a normal person. Nostalgia Critic questions a scene in a movie that makes no sense of why it's in there and says "Cheese.

It's as good as any other answer. Also, many jokes regarding a villain with blue lips "You got something on your lips Scene transition with the Critic in front of a psychedelic background parodying the one from Austin Powers in Inspector Gadget. A hand slapping the Critic every time he makes a sexual joke about Catherine Zeta-Jones in the review of The Haunting. The former is parodied when Vince Vaughn's character is being tortured with 'Be Disturbed.

Now Turned on. Now confused. Now Disturbed Again'. The gag is used in tandem with the "Ask me what it means! Variations of "Turtles, fight with honor! Seuss rolled in his grave in The Cat in the Hat. During the Man of Steel review, Angry Joe having a traumatic childhood involving a lobster suit, nipple tasers, nitroglycerine and venomous ferrets.

In Child's Play 2 , Nostalgia Critic made it seem like Phil Simpson was a killer when in the film, he was just one of Chucky's victims.

A shot of Stephen King during the intro to Maximum Overdrive in front of the truck saying, "Because somebody had to do Stephen King right", which is played after every plot hole in said film. Summarizing and skipping over the many rambling philosophical speeches in Matrix Reloaded.

In the Mamma Mia review, whenever there's something pandering to the female audience in the film, the NC emphasises, "We're the good chick flick. Used to make fun of how many times the word "swell" is used in the film.

In Jupiter Ascending , the Critic uses a sidepot for the other movies that the film was obviously ripping off. The "Jem Fan" meter is used in the Jem and the Holograms review each time there's an element in the movie that pisses them off. In Quest for Camelot , the Critic's frustrations with the movie's lack of explanation causes him to trigger nuclear explosions that level the whole town.

In Blues Brothers , the Critic dubs in several characters' dialog when they angrily tell Elwood off about something or other in the movie: "You got no plot, you got no comedy, you don't even have the other Blues Brother!

Unless you [have something to offer me that is a thousand times better than this crappy film], count me the fuck out of this! In Ghost Rider 2 - Spirit of Vengeance , every time the Critic cannot find an answer to an issue with the movie, he just shows a clip of the maids from Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement dancing and banging pots. In The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas , any time a possible homosexual innuendo between Fred and Barney happens, an audio clip from the Flintstones theme plays, saying, "We'll have a gay old time".

In Woody Woodpecker , the logo of the Dark Universe appears with a music sting several times when Woody Woodpecker either appears unexpectedly or does something violent to humans. In Ghostbusters 2 , when people do stuff that's generally dickish or makes no sense, a clip of Winston from the first movie is played where he says "I love this town!

The gag would later be reused once for the next review, Stuart Little. You can't show it on YouTube unless you want to be demonetized! And as a result the Critic has to come up with a alternative.

The gag would later be reused once for the Demon Knight review. In Supergirl , whenever a scene had a possibly erotic undertone, it would cut to a skit of Malcom playing a writer upset that he mixed the movie script up with a porn script. In The Hunchbank of Notre Dame NC kept track of a number of time's Frollo's voice supposedly cause women to leave the room when he said something kind of sexual In Playing With Fire there was a counter that marked anytime it would use a reaction shot of the dog.

Whenever the Nostalgia Critic explains that the film's heroes "live happily ever after, or do they?! Super Mario Bros. Used as a sarcastic exclamation to something obvious which is supposed to be surprising.

The Critic's enthusiasm in the delivery and pose are proportional to the level of excitement he felt while watching the show. It was very short lived. When such an event occurs, the Critic would shout "Bad Touch! The Critic shouts the word 'elephant', causing the image of "The Burger King" to appear and bring himself back to sanity.

Critic later tells him they can get McDonald's at the end of the review, which leads the Burger King to punch him. The Critic complains about a good actor being in a lame movie. Malcolm McDowell in Tank Girl. Michael Keaton in Jack Frost. That didn't happen! Each time a demonic monster shows up in a film, Doug says the line, echoing the monster from the movie.

Matrix Reloaded Hulk the deep voice breaks into laughter at the sight of the gamma dogs Supergirl NC Acting Like Commercials If the Critic points out an actor who acts more like he or she is in a commercial than a movie, he will superimpose various logos over clips of the actor.

Later, it's used to show how wrong it is to use drugs. The Critic will often suggest showing it after viewing a scene where an adult character acts impulsively creepy towards a child character. The elephant has also appeared along with the Nostalgia Critic in an episode of Familiar Faces. It seems the elephant will always appear at the mere mention of the words "Jonathan Brandis".

Usually, this is followed by the appearance of a photograph of Chuck Norris against a firework background and someone exclaiming his name in a high-pitched voice. Magoo Used at wrong time Forest Warrior Christmas with the Kranks Dreamcatcher Mentioned among other running gags The Gollum Impression If a character undergoes a sudden change in personality and behavior, the Critic will mimic the change by acting out an argument between Smeagol from "The Lord of the Rings" and his Gollum half.

The Critic couldn't because he lost his voice. Coyote cartoons". Originally a one use gag that suddenly became a running gag. He uses it whenever a character is frozen. When a film shows humans harming animals or the environment, the Critic dramatically says "MAN! Sometimes an 's style announcer will speak about how man is bad while they show clips from the movie in black and white. Real Monsters and Monsters Inc. If a character, particularly a male character acts like, well, a douche, the word is stamped over that character with a voice saying it.

Fans of Mako were outraged and he quickly apologized. Ever since, when Mako is mentioned in a review, the Critic smiles innocently and reaches for an angelic picture of Mako's face in the top right corner of the screen. It's now a dead gag. Casper precursor Mr. Smith Introduced in Lost in Space, Dr. Spider Smith played by Doug Walker appears and talks about his plans of world domination and spiders, which annoys The Nostalgia Critic. The credits start to play, but Jerry comes back alive and pulls Tom out from the wall, to which NC replies "Welcome back.

Heil Hitler! I've been foiled by the power of love" Done when a villain is defeated by love. Congo Zeus and Roxanne "Monkey! The Super Mario Bros. When a character fails to save the day or the Critic pans an actor's performance, the word FAIL appears. Top 11 Villain Songs The Care Bears Movie Top 11 Scariest Performances done with a mimed jack-in-the-box Drinking out of skull and firing gun When a child is messed up, he compares it to his childhood and his need to do that every once in a while.

And a rapping dog stepped out of it! Shows up randomly. He drinks whenever a Stephen King cliche Such as flashbacks is shown. Inspector Gadget Cop and a Half Alvin and the Chipmunks Clockstoppers Queenly Princesses The Critic asks if a princess who rules over a country in absence of her parents, the king and the queen, does not call herself a queen because the title "princess" sounds prettier.

Super Show Though the Critic said this would apply more to Princess Zelda from the video games, since the cartoon shows her kingly father.

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