What are the top iphone 4s apps

what are the top iphone 4s apps

10 of the best iPhone 4S apps

Oct 16,  · Read More: cgsmthood.com Today we look at the top essential apps for the iPhone 4S. Post a comment below with your personal list of your top apps for. Apr 16,  · The best iPhone apps (April ) By Mark Jansen April 16, These days, your phone is capable of just about anything, from boosting your dating prospects (through dating apps) .

We can't really argue with 13 million tracks ready and waiting to be served with local, offline playlists for when your iPhone 4S's 3G cuts out — Spotify's Premium app is worth the sub on its own. Get it. The first announcement out of the bag at today's event, and a nice digital-to-analogue surprise, Apple's new Cards app lets you design cards which will then get made and even posted for you — zero hassle. Want to brag about your new iPhone 4S to all your 17 followers?

Spend a little extra on Tweetbot and you'll be able to swipe between conversation threads, follow lists more easily and customise tabs. So arr iPhone 4S shoots p video but you want to cut out the middle man — your laptop — and just edit straight from your smartphone?

Once you're addicted to the rest how to make face bleach cream at home these iPhone 4S apps — and spending plenty of time up in Apple's iCloud — you'll need Onavo to make sure your data usage doesn't go through the roof.

It crunches down the data used in surfing, email and apps and serves them up in a nice colourful savings chart. Our Apos app of choice gives you two decks and a mixer with auto beat-matching. Even though the iPhone 4S app is simpler than the iPad version, it's tons cheaper and you can still get creative with your iTunes. This Angry Birds sequel changes itself with the seasons — so you can get addicted to smashing pigs in Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter settings.

Of course, you will actually just be sat in your room, clutching your iPhone, for the entire year playing this. There's hordes of group messaging apps out there but WhatsApp got in early so it's probably the one how to draw dora face mates are using.

It's multi-platform and you can share images and video for free over your data connection. So long SMS. We thought we'd let Facebook thw in to finish off our list of essential iPhone 4S apps. Let's face it, you'll probably spend more time on this than any other app — perhaps bar Angry Birds — so you'll just have to forgive the missing features and crashes.

Apple iPhone 4S liveblog Spotify Premium. Sky Go. Angry Birds Seasons. Aps Messenger. Subscribe to the magazine. Subscribe now.

Apr 20,  · Top Paid iPhone Apps: 2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros. 3. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi. 4. HotSchedules, HotSchedules.

These days, your phone is capable of just about anything, from boosting your dating prospects through dating apps to looking up recipes. And if you have an iPhone or iPad, the App Store offers one of the largest collections of applications on the planet, one that spans a myriad of popular categories. Given the sheer number of apps, however, where do you even start? An excellent app, and always worth downloading. It syncs across multiple devices, so you can access your history or bookmarks from any device.

Need to pull up the website you were looking at a week ago on your PC? No problem, Chrome remembers. It also includes a range of other features, including search bar autocomplete, data saving services, and unlimited tabs. Just remember to clean your tabs out occasionally — no-one needs 80 open tabs. And of course, pretty much everyone you know is on there, making it a must-download for almost everyone.

Thankfully, Google brought it back. It may be owned by Facebook, but Instagram is still the best social network for sharing pictures and ruining them with silly filters. We say ruining, but we put X Pro II on just about everything. You can follow specific interests as well as people, making it a great place to gather inspiration for projects, holidays, or just about anything. Chat apps are legion, and group chats are even more so. GroupMe makes it easier to keep track of them all.

Add people simply with just their phone number, and they can begin chatting without even needing to download the app. You can name your groups, set avatars, and also save your photos and videos within group chats to refer back to later.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try. A video chatting app in the vein of the famous app, Marco Polo is the perfect video chat app for busy people. When your recipient or recipients is ready to watch your video, they can load it up and reply in kind. If you want to set up or are looking for a chat group for a bunch of like-minded people, then Discord is the way to go. It even has voice chat, You can join groups easily through a link, making it simple to join your friends.

Instead of dropping you into a chat with a handful of icebreakers, XO invites you to get to know someone over one of a variety of fun mobile games. No more judging a book by its cover. Match with someone in the Tinder-like interface, and the woman has 24 hours to send a message or the match expires.

The largest dating app in the world for LGBTQ women, HER boasts more than 6 million users worldwide and hosts social meet-and-greets in 15 cities across the world to boot. If they like back, then a match has been made. Grindr is the largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. With over 4, recipes, options to strip out recipes for different diets, or even meal types, Tasty is one of the most powerful recipe apps out there. A powerful and excellent recipe app.

NYT Cooking is the home for thousands of recipes, with new recipes added every week. You can even access the same recipes and your own profile from any device as well. Simply put in your requirements — vegan, gluten-free, low carb, etc. Most recipes focus on meals with prep times of only 30 minutes, and it can help you put together your shopping list as well. Getting a diet right can be a lot of work, but Lifesum can take up a lot of the heavy lifting for you. However, a lot of the best features are locked behind a premium subscription , and that includes the more personal diet plans, unlimited tracking, macro tracking, and other useful tools.

Yummly is a great recipe app with a particularly powerful search engine being one of its best features. Need to strip out all recipes involving eggs?

It can do that. There are step-by-step instructions and large pictures to tempt your tastebuds. Uber Eats makes getting ready-to-eat food to your door oh so simple. Some games also include second-screen functionality for a deeper play experience, but for the most part, this is a management app. Twitch is the best place to watch other people play video games, professional tournaments, or just chill out with some real life board games.

If you love to keep up with the latest news and scores from your favorite e-sports, then give Strafe Esports a try. Looking for a place to eat or visit? You can book reservations or takeout directly from the app, find local contractors, or just check out the best stuff to do nearby. You can book from the app for certain places, and you can even pay using it. Open Table is great for planning dinner on the fly. The free app allows you to search for new restaurants, explore menus, and even reserve a table.

You can read and write reviews for businesses and restaurants, label your favorite places, see a timeline of your activity, and share your current trip and location with friends and family. You can schedule workouts for throughout the day, or use the Wind Down routines to relax yourself before bedtime. Fitness can be hard to get into, as keeping up a regular schedule can be hard when life and dipping energy levels intervene.

However, setting yourself a short-term goal can be one of the best ways to make sure you stick to a manageable schedule. The combination of short sessions and introductory videos to each session mean this is a great app to get started with.

How long do you need to start getting fit? Well, it can be as much time as you want, really, but 7 minutes will do just fine. Seven — 7 Minute Workout aims to give you the most benefit possible in just 7 minutes through a series of quick exercises that target specific areas of your body.

GymBook is an excellent tool for weightlifters. It allows you to find different exercises based on muscle group, and has a series of guidance GIFs for 50 preset exercises. Spotify is changing the game for the entire music industry. You can listen to full albums and create playlists. With access to over , live radio stations from around the world, TuneIn Radio is the place to go for the latest breaking news, talk radio, sports, and more.

SoundCloud is the audio player that has become a favorite of musicians, talk shows, and podcasts alike. The iOS app gives access to favorites, playlists, and trending audio, and lets you follow and listen with friends. Apple Music works with your Apple account to give you personal recommendations based on your library. You can create your own profile and playlists, and follow friends to check out their tunes. Looking to make music, rather than listen to it? Drawing from news sources from around the world, Google News is one of the best ways to keep up to date with the matters you care about most.

It offers more than just the usual breaking news, and also includes morning briefings from New York Times journalists and the ability to save articles for offline access.

Tortoise specializes in slower, deep dives on news subjects that attempt to find all the facts and lay them in front of you. No more knee-jerk reactions; Tortoise is here to make sure you have a calm, considered view of the world. You can follow a large number of publications, and tailor your notifications so you can get breaking news reported to you as it happens.

It has a newscast radio service as well as its list of the latest news, making this a great way to stay updated. Why download a series of different apps when you can just download one that collates a bunch of reputable news sources?

Curio brings together stories from a series of great news providers, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, and more. Best of all, it even allows you to listen rather than read with its collection of narrated stories. Apple News is already available on all iOS devices and reduces the need for a variety of news apps. You can also search for specific subjects or publications and save articles to view offline later.

All of the stories are also saved across all your iOS devices. Investing is one of the cheat codes of growing capital, but it used to be that you needed a big nest egg to get started. Rather than investing large sums of money, Acorn rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, investing the difference. While it may not seem like much, from tiny acorns do massive oak trees grow, and this passive saving method could be key to helping you to build up a significant nest egg.

You can even use it to set up an IRA pension fund as well. Use PayPal to check up on the transactions in your account, send or request money, and photograph checks or credit cards to add them to your account without messing with the details. Venmo is the payment app for the people. Connecting directly with your debit card, Venmo offers free person-to-person money transfers. Credit transfers require a percentage fee. It asks you to put every dollar to work and can connect with your bank account to track your expenditure automatically.

Designed with college students in mind, Splitwise helps you keep track of debts owed between friends and connects seamlessly with Paypal and Venmo so you can settle up at any time.

It has all the tools, from the simplest crop to the finest detail changes, and it also comes bundled with a professional-quality camera app as well. If you own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus or later, the app takes advantage of the wide color gamut of the displays in those phones, and features an extensive roster of customizable filters and special effects, allowing you to create even more amazing things with your already capable camera.

An iPhone camera is generally excellent, but it does lack some tools more advanced users would deem essential. If you want to take light-trail photography, pictures of the stars, or anything that needs a longer exposure time, Slow Shutter Cam should be your first stop.

This app gives your phone an unlimited shutter speed — so you can take long star trail pictures, or pictures of car lights zooming past, and it can even take a batch of photos with its intervalometer mode. Sounds like a lot? Well, it can be — but if you understood all that, or want to test it out, this is a great app.

Afterlight is the revamped version of the older app with the same name, and comes complete with tons of features to edit your photos — filters, artwork, text, advanced tools, and more. It offers a lot in its free app, with a tool that allows you to retouch your face to remove blemishes or quickly apply a background or filter — but it goes even further, too, allowing you to use simple tools to change the positioning and even the size of parts of your face.

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