What can i do with xbox

what can i do with xbox


Mar 16, The Xbox One S and Xbox One X have some exciting features. Plug these devices into your television and you can play games, listen to music, Author: Travis Pope. Dec 26, Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (as well as older consoles like the Xbox and Wii U) have apps for accessing most major streaming services. This includes premium streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, free streaming services like YouTube, music from Spotify and Pandora, or live streaming platforms like Twitch.

By the middle ofsales of the Xbox One had topped an estimated 30 million units. Add in the million or more Xbox One X consoles sold inand that equals a lot of Xbox One owners around the world. While many of those proud Xbox One owners undoubtedly believe that they know their console inside and out, they still might be unaware of some of its coolest bells and whistles. Here's a list of some of the most awesome Xbox One features that you might not know about including a couple of sith Microsoft probably doesn't want you to know.

Xbox One allows you to connect up to eight wireless controllers to your console at once what can i do with xbox mega-multiplayer actionbut did you know that you can also combine the inputs from two controllers to act like one? With Copilot mode, you can use two Xbox One controllers linked together to control your console or play a game. The feature first launched in early for Xbox Insiders, but it's since been pushed how to make horsetail extract for all Xbox One owners.

Copilot offers a leap forward in progress for gamers with disabilities. Combining Copilot mode with controller remapping adds even more accessibility, as even paired Copilot controllers can be remapped individually. Additionally, Copilot is a great way for parents to help their kids play a single-player game by sharing the controls without the dbox to hand off a controller.

To get started using Copilot, check out this guide. Caan you're an audiophile, then you probably want the best audio quality available on your movies and other media.

In the past, this meant getting a stand-alone Blu-Ray player to connect to your high-definition stereo receiver. However, if you own an Xbox One, you already whag everything you need to enjoy HD audio on your home theater. Wait, what? Instead, it sends the audio output directly to your home theater system, giving you the best quality sound possible.

First, make sure you have the most recent update downloaded for Xbox One's Blu-Ray player app. If you have an audio receiver that supports uncompressed formatsor positional ones like DTS:X and Atmosgo to the settings for the app and choose "let my receiver decode audio.

As a bonus, while cna Blu-Ray app is open, all other sounds on your Xbox One will be silencedincluding notifications, background audio, and party chat. No controller? No problem! Your Xbox One can be controlled directly from a tablet or smartphone using Microsoft's SmartGlass integration. Want to search for a show on your Xbox, or visit a website in your console's internet browser?

No longer do you have to painstakingly type out each letter with the thumbsticks and buttons on your controller. Now you can just use the Xbox mobile app to connect to your console and use your device as a controller. You can browse your Xbox One's apps and gamessee what your Xbox Live friends are up to, check out and share your recorded game clips, type using your phone or tablet's keyboard, and much more. Start by xxbox the correct Xbox app for what causes vibration feeling in leg mobile device's operating system: AndroidiOSor Windows.

Then follow this Digital Trends guide to setup the connection to your Xbox One. As part of Microsoft's focus on cross-platform compatibilitythey've rolled out some awesome features that how to get information about motherboard in pc you to connect any Windows 10 PC in your home to your Xbox One console.

Game Streaming xobx you to play any Xbox One game or app remotely on any Windows 10 device on your home network. Additionally, your digital games that are compatible how to do a barbell bent over row " What can i do with xbox Play Anywhere " can be played directly on your PC without even turning on your console.

To get started, download the Xbox app onto your Windows 10 computer or device. Make sure that both your PC and your Xbox One are connected to the same home network. A wired connection using ethernet cables for your PC and Xbox One will offer the best performance, but a wireless connection will work, too. After that, you're ready to follow this guide from Microsoft about how to enable Game Streaming and enjoy all your Xbox One content right from your computer.

With the rollout of backwards compatibility for an ever-growing library of Original Xbox and Xbox gamesmany Xbox One owners are revisiting their old favorites. While it's always fun rediscovering a game by starting over from scratch, you don't have to lose all of your progress just because you've upgraded to a new console.

You can actually transfer and sync those save files from your to your Xbox One by using cloud storage. Cloud storage can only be used by Xbox Live Gold members, so sign up for that first.

Next, follow this visual guidewhich explains how to copy or move Xbox save data to cloud storage. Sign into your Xbox One with the same profile, launch the game, and your console will sync automatically with the cloud save. Xbox s are limited to MB of cloud usage, so you might have to repeat this process a few times if you have a how to get rid of corns on bottom of feet of large save files.

Once you've re-saved them on your Xbox One hard drive, you can delete the cloud saves to make room if needed. When you're fo transferring all your Xbox game saves, you can safely cancel your Gold membership. However, if you leave the subscription active, there's an added benefit: cloud syncing works both ways. What to do with naan bread you make progress on a game with your Xbox One and then play it later on your Xboxthe older console will sync and download the new save state from the cloud.

With what can i do with xbox providers, you can even set up OneGuideallowing you to control live TV with your Xbox One controller or Cortana voice commands. That's how to convert xvid avi to dvd, you can put a console in your console, then switch seamlessly and easily between them. Your Xbox One must be turned on for Passthrough to work standby mode won't wth it. Additionally, some users have reported moderate input lag although that problem seems limited to earlier models of Xbox One.

You can try turning the input settings to p to reduce latency. Ultimately, if you're short on ports on your TV, this is one potential solution. It's also tough to beat the convenience of being able to switch to a new device by just hitting the Xbox button rather than fiddling with your TV remote. If your child spends way too much time playing video games, then the Xbox One has a secret weapon.

By using the parental control settings, you can set a limit on hwat amount of time a child can use the console. This feature can also come in handy if you want to limit your own gaming to help keep yourself from losing track of time and spending hours playing L.

Check out this great guide to making a child account and qhat screen time on your Xbox One. Make sure xbpx take a look at the general parental control settings first and create a passkey to keep them from being "adjusted" by any enterprising minors in your household.

You can put in a total hour limit, or even create a schedule designating what days and times the child account can use the Xbox One. To limit your own screen time, just make a "child" account for yourself, and sign into that profile when you want to keep your gaming or binge-watching in check. When the time runs out, a "Time's Up! For many gamers, bandwidth caps are an unfortunate fact of life especially if you wwhat in an area with few internet provider choices.

Even if you don't do much online gaming with your Xbox One, it still needs an internet connection to download updates or install patches and other content for your games. In some cases, these updates can be pretty sizable which will definitely make a large dent in your data usage. If your internet what is a nut allergy called charges extra for going over your bandwidth cap, this could potentially make a large dent in your wallet, too.

If you want to keep an eye on how much data your Xbox One has used, you can do that right on your console. This guide from Windows Central so teach you how to find out your Xbox One's network usage statistics, and also gives some helpful tips on reducing your bandwidth use by doing things like turning off your console's automatic updates. Ever since the Xbox One was first released inone of the most common complaints has been how long games take to install.

Gone are the days whaat you could pop a new game into your system and start playing immediately. Even if your game came on a disc, you must still let your Xbox One install it to the hard drive a process that could take hours.

Microsoft put out an update to help address this issue in latebut game installs can still take a long time if you don't have high-speed internet. If you just can't wait to play a new game, then here's a sneaky Xbox One workaround you can use to speed up the installation.

Press the Xbox button on your controller, then open the "Settings" menu. Go to "Network settings" and choose "Go Offline. Put in your new game disc, and it should install just in ten to fifteen minutesbypassing any patches or updates for the game. Keep in mind that you'll probably need those patches and updates eventually, especially if you want what can i do with xbox play online. Just re-connect your Xbox One to the internet later and download the updates and patches at a convenient time when you aren't using the console.

By default, the Xbox One launches a game or movie as soon as you insert a disc. This autoplay function adds a level of convenience for what is meant by sustainable development don't have to open up any menus or apps to start a physical game or watch a movie.

That's all pretty cooluntil you're in the middle of whah a digital game or binge-watching Black Mirror on Netflix when someone inserts a disc.

If want to avoid getting pulled away from the action even for a moment, Xbox One will let you turn autoplay off. Simply press csn Xbox button on your controller, select "Settings", then choose "All Settings.

Did you know that you can share the digital games you've bought for Xbox One with another console? By designating a "home" Xbox, you can access your digital games from any other Xbox Oneeven from a friend's house or halfway around the world. This feature allows you cah share any downloaded gameseven ones that are part of a subscriptionwith a second console.

If you have an Xbox Wiith Gold membership, you even can share that, too! This guide from Microsoft can get you started sharing digital cah between two different Xbox Ones in your household. If you have a friend who also loves to buy their video games digitally, you can use this feature to share all of your digital games with themand vice versa.

Make sure you only do this how to find public marriage records someone you trust, as they'll have access to your Xbox Live email and password. Start by cxn out this article for detailed information about how Game Sharing works. Then follow this visual guidewhich will show you how to add a friend's account to your Xbox Oneallowing you to download their digital games onto your console.

Finally, have your friend repeat this process on their Xbox One using your account information, which will share your digitally purchased games with them. You can only change your "Home" console three times a year, so use this feature wisely. Removing an Xbox One as your Home console will also remove remote access to that system's digital games. You can even edit clips while your game is paused in the background.

With a Kinect sensor, you can use Upload Studio to record your own audio and video commentary over your game clips. For video commentary, use the "Record with Kinect" option in Upload Studio. If you want to get fancy, you can even use a greenscreen background for chroma key compositing.

Kinect will detect your body and automatically cut out the background, even without a greenscreen.

1. Watching YouTube Videos

Dec 24, Thanks to a clever form of machine learning, the Xbox Series X can, in essence, automatically remaster Xbox One and Xbox titles supported by backwards compatibility, upgrading their resolutions Author: Alex Avard. Nov 30, By designating a "home" Xbox, you can access your digital games from any other Xbox Oneeven from a friend's house or halfway around the world. This feature allows you to share any downloaded gameseven ones that are part of a subscriptionwith a second console. If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership, you even can share that, too!Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Feb 02, Download games and add-ons from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Send and receive messages with other Xbox Live users as text or voice. Make a video call to a friend using Video Kinect (for Kinect owners) Xbox Live Gold is a subscription service that varies in cgsmthood.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Now that you've finally got your hands on one of Microsoft's next-gen consoles you might be looking for some Xbox Series X tips - or Xbox Series S for that matter - to make the most of your new machine. When it comes to pitching the Xbox Series X , Microsoft's focus has been on the big, system-selling features that look good on the back of the box, but this next-gen console isn't just a machine of broad strokes.

On the contrary, the Xbox Series X includes a number of smaller but no less impressive features that give it the edge over its predecessor, the Xbox One, many of which have been lost amidst the next-gen marketing frenzy. You might not have heard of these Xbox Series X features until now, then, but you'll be thankful that you did, as all of them are super handy for getting the most out of your new console.

From enhancing your social experience to utilising the most customisable dashboard in Xbox history, here are 11 things you probably didn't know you can do with your Xbox Series X. Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series X users will be able to "selectively uninstall" parts of games they don't want, in order to save both their time and storage space.

This was a feature on Xbox One for selected games, but Xbox's Jason Ronald has revealed that the feature will be more streamlined and accessible for this next generation. Sharing and streaming footage has become a core part of the user experience on Xbox, and Microsoft has confirmed its continued support for this emerging culture for the Xbox Series X, which is capable of capturing gameplay at a steady 60 frames-per-second in 4K resolution.

The Xbox One, in comparison, recorded footage in Xp. The Xbox One X could record in 4K, but even then the capture was locked at 30fps, even when the game itself was running at double that framerate, so this marks a significant upgrade for those who like their game capture to look as silky smooth as possible, all made super easy with the new Xbox controller's Share button. Thanks to a clever form of machine learning, the Xbox Series X can, in essence, automatically remaster Xbox One and Xbox titles supported by backwards compatibility, upgrading their resolutions with High Dynamic Range without any extra work needed from the developers.

HDR diversifies the range of contrast and color on display in a video game, creating a richer, visual picture which often breathes new life into old titles. So long as your TV supports HDR, and you have the option enabled in the console's systems settings, the Series X will implement the tech into the backwards compatible games, perfect for enjoying your favourite titles in quite literally an all new light.

Microsoft will now let you download any game from its digital storefront onto your Xbox Series X, even if you don't own it. You won't be able to access it until you pay for it, of course, but it's technically there, sitting in your library, ready to be unlocked as soon as you've hurdled the paywall for entry. Why is this a thing? So that Xbox Series X users can pre-install games onto their hard drive ahead of launch, even if they've pre-ordered a physical copy that can then be booted up as soon as the disc is inserted into the drive.

It's a pretty nifty workaround for all those frustrating download times that get between you and your next big game on launch day.

Want to share your latest feat of wonder onto Whatsapp? No problem. The new Xbox smartphone app is seamlessly integrated with the Xbox Series X, meaning that any gameplay capture you record on the console can be instantly accessed from your phone as soon as it's saved onto the hard drive. No more faffing about with OneDrive or social media just to get your captures onto your computer.

Simply hit the capture button on the Xbox Series X controller, whip out your phone, and you can access your entire library of footage from the comfort of your thumb and forefinger. Profile Themes are a new addition to the next-generation of Xbox's user interface, allowing players to express their identity more easily via a number of dynamic dashboard options that'll bring more personality to your menu navigation.

Several of these themes are even inspired by titles from Xbox Game Studios, including Sea of Thieves and Gears 5, allowing you to show support for your favourite Xbox exclusives in a whole new way. We all have that one friend in our Call of Duty: Warzone squad who just speaks a little louder than is necessary, but with no way to turn them down without reducing your ability to hear the rest of the team, we simply had to grin and bear it. With Xbox Series X, that niggling frustration is a thing of the past, as the console now lets you adjust the volume of individual party members, rather than the party as a whole.

Finally, our eardrums can rest. Proud parent of a new Xbox Series X owner, but a little nervous about what they might get up to in the big, scary world of online gaming? Check out the Xbox Family app, which gives you easily accessed control over what your children can play on the console, and who they play with.

The new application performs a number of functions, such as giving users permission to grant friend and party invitations, set time limits for how much time the Xbox Series X can be played for, and much more. If you're one of those kids, then sorry, but your parents are about to have a much healthier degree of oversight on your gaming time. It's for the best, really. In an effort to streamline its user interface, Microsoft now lets you customise your Xbox's Guide bar; a.

This means you can prioritise your most important and frequently used tiles in the order of your choice, ensuring you have better access to them at all times.

That includes tabs for Parties, Achievements, and more, so be sure to check out the Customise Guide option in your Profile Settings to see which ones are most relevant to the way you use your Xbox.

A new option within the Friends tab of the Xbox Guide is called "Happening Now", and is designed to present users with a quick and clear overview of who's playing what within your Xbox community. This removes the frustration of finding the right party to join, or figuring out where everyone is both game-wise and party-wise , and simply jumps you right into action where it's joinable, focusing on the main hubs of activity at that moment.

This is also where you'll be able to use Xbox's Looking for Group function, which matchmakers with other players enlisting for the same multiplayer activity. Now, granted, in order to find this for yourself, you'll need to disassemble the console, or at least remove its outer casing, which we wouldn't recommend unless you know what you're doing, and need to do so anyway, such as to replace the system's hard drive.

Either way, it's a cool little nod to Xbox's poster boy, and a nice continuation of a tradition for Microsoft's gaming hardware. Click the banner above to read all our hands-on reporting, exclusive interviews, and plenty more, or check out the guides below for more Xbox Series X tips. I'm GamesRadar's Features Writer, which makes me responsible for gracing the internet with as many of my words as possible, including reviews, previews, interviews, and more. Lucky internet! Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!

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