What happened to whitey from leave it to beaver

what happened to whitey from leave it to beaver

When did Larry Mondello Leave Leave to Beaver?

Apr 10, Do you remember that little blond boy on Leave it to Beaver? His name was Hubert "Whitey" Whitney and he was a school friend of Beaver Cleaver. Whitey was portrayed by the late Stanley Fafara, who died in under unfortunate circumstances. Sadly, Stanley's story is another one of those tragic tales surrounding the lives of child actors. Sep 27, Times Staff Writer Stanley Fafara, who played Jerry Mathers pal Whitey on Leave It to Beaver but led a far-from-idyllic life as an adult who battled drugs and alcohol, has died. He was Author: Dennis Mclellan.

His older brother, Tigerplayed "Tooey W. Brown" in the series. Fafara was born in San FranciscoCalifornia. Inat the age of 7, his happenef took him to what is the meaning of base open casting call for a new family television series titled Leave It To Haappened. He had been working in commercials and television westerns since the age of 4. He earned the part of "Whitey" Whitney, one of the Beaver Cleaver 's best friends.

Fafara remained with Leave It To Beaver for six years. Lrave the show's cancellation inhe i North Hollywood High School. He developed an alcohol habit and began to use drugs. At his parents' instigation, Fafara went to live with his sister in Jamaicawhere he tried his hand at painting; however, he continued to drink and use narcotics. He then returned to Los Angeles at the age of 22 where he was married briefly.

He supported himself by dealing narcotics. In the s he was arrested for breaking into pharmacies seven times. Fafara was sentenced to a year in jail after being arrested and convicted for an eighth burglary. After his release from jail, Fafara tried several jobs but eventually returned to dealing drugs. Fafara later developed an addiction to heroin and was in and out of rehabilitation centers for many years.

He became sober in Fafara spent the final eight years bever his life clean and sober, initially living in a house for recovering addicts and alcoholics, then in a subsidized apartment in downtown PortlandOregon. Due ho his addiction to heroin, he contracted hepatitis C. Fafara died on September 20,hqppened 53rd birthday, in Portland, Oregon, of complications from hernia surgery he underwent the previous month.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stanley Fafara. San FranciscoCalifornia, U. Portland, OregonU. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved February 17, Toledo Blade.

September 27, Retrieved January 19, Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. September 20, aged 53 Portland, OregonU. North Hollywood High School. Tiger Fafara brother Dez Fafara nephew. Good Morning, Miss Dove. Hubert "Whitey" Whitney. The Millionaire. Wanted: Dead whiteg Alive. Window on Main Street. The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm.

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Jun 12, Here's the truth about actor Stanley Fafara who rose to fame as Whitey Whitney on the classic TV show, "Leave It To Beaver".Get Leave It To Beaver on DVD her. Stanley Fafara, who played Jerry Mathers' pal Whitey on Leave It to Beaver but led a far-from-idyllic life as an adult who battled drugs and alcohol, has died. He was During his interview with Hallman, Fafara chronicled his life after Leave It to Beaver, the family sitcom that ran from to May 21, A look at "Whitey" and "Miss Landers" on the Leave it to Beaver TV show. What happened after Leave it to Beaver?

Laurie Mann. Stanley Fafara, the actor who played "Whitey" on "Leave It to Beaver" and later struggled with drugs and alcohol, died after having complications following a surgery. Louisiana Lou. I was always a big Whitey fan, but didn't know what had happened to him. James Neibaur. His website doiesnt have one. Post by James Neibaur He had a cool website displaying his art work and there was an email link.

I emailed him with the usual "I grew up with you" stuff, and he replied with a very nice email to me. Post by James Neibaur I am very sorry to hear about this. Yours Truly. Note to self: skip 54 and proceed directly to 55, it's safer. Rob Petrie. I emailed him with the usual "I grew up with you" stuff, and he replied. Post by James Neibaur a very nice email to me.

James Hall. Post by James Hall What about the homeless? Oh forget it. According to The Oregonian, Fafara, 54, had been admitted to the hospital in late August for surgery on an intestine constricted by a hernia. He suffered complications from the surgery, including a blood clot in his leg. He underwent two more operations, which weakened an already weak body.

Years earlier, Fafara had contracted hepatitis C while using drugs. The surgeries strained his liver and kidneys, all of which shut down during the past several weeks.

On Saturday, he slipped into a coma, and the life-support machines were removed. In a December interview with The Oregonian, Fafara described his life a "blessing and a curse. In the early '80s, he started breaking into California pharmacies for drugs. He was arrested after one of them and sent to jail.

When he got out, he worked as a roofer, waiter and janitor. He drifted into dealing drugs, and the profits supported his habit. He and his girlfriend took a bus to Portland. Within an hour after the bus pulled into the Portland depot, Fafara and his girlfriend rented a motel room, shot up heroin and crashed. The plan was to get high one last time and then go make something of life.

Instead the addiction took hold, and the two of them lived in the motel for two years. He lost just about everything, except his past. His screen name was still good for a drink. He'd tell people that he'd been on "Leave It to Beaver," but he'd lost most of his teeth and weighed less than pounds. To prove his background, he'd tell them stories about the show and the actors, what it was like behind the scenes. In the summer of , Fafara checked in at a detox center, stayed for two weeks and graduated to a clean-and-sober house for drunks and addicts.

He lived there for two years. I don't know why it took. I should be dead. I had three overdoses in two months and was hanging on for dear life. My associates, most of them are gone. I know they didn't want to go, but they did. Post by Kent Here's an interesting factoid. Kent Dead or Alive? According to The Oregonian, Fafara, 54, had been admitted to the. The surgeries strained his liver and kidneys, all of which shut down during. In the early '80s, he started breaking into California pharmacies for.

The plan was to get high one last time. Instead the addiction took hold, and the two of them lived in the motel. Post by Rob Petrie Stanley is the first of the main child actors of that show to die. Post by Rob Petrie I didn't mention Veronica b. Post by Rob Petrie Jeri b.

May 15, was in the show 3 years , but she did nothing as an actress after LITB. It would be fun to research this show completely, if only I had the time to have that much fun! Post by James Neibaur I think she became a hairdresser.

When I talked to Mathers, he told me that he remained in touch with her over the years, and that despite her onscreen character she was one of the nicest people he'd ever known and friends with everyone on the set. Post by Rob Petrie So, who's stopping ya? I'll buy it! I'll bet he got a lot of razzing from his fellow officers on 'Eddie' becoming a cop. He got shot one day, but his bulletproof vest saved him.

I'll bet he got a lot of. Daddy Freddy. Post by Daddy Freddy Really? I never knew he was a child actor. Penny was played by Karen Sue Trent. Neither appears to have remained in showbiz. There whereabouts are unknown. June 20, in New Orleans, LA , but pushing 60! Deacon died in Post by Rob Petrie in died even younger from cancer at only 49 d.

June 20, in New Orleans, LA , but pushing. Post by Daddy Freddy We did that thread a while back. Bill Schenley. Post by Bill Schenley At the end, Diller went on stage to make a few comments about the production. Richard Deacon walked up to the stage, in the band area, and stood in front of her. She lifted her dress and draped it over Deacon's head. Deacon turned to face The entire time she spoke Deacon stood there with his head Although, at one point, he did turn back around Some parents were upset Personally, I thought it was pretty courageous on Richard Deacon's part.

Post by James Neibaur Funny story. Thanks for sharing. Post by Rob Petrie Hahaha! Post by Rob Petrie I might have also heard about Paul sometime, but it wasn't any of my business one way or another.

Post by Rob Petrie What a shame about Richard. And he was a Deacon, too. Post by James Neibaur I should get out to one of those old-time. Post by MadCow57 Then I made a deliberate decision NOT to collect either autographs or elephant tchotchkes because I could foresee these hobbies ending up controlling my life.

Terry del Fuego. Post by James Neibaur Of course there are people whose collecting is the most important thing in their lives, but then it would be safe to assume the rest of their lives have not been all that happy. Post by James Neibaur Cool, what do you like to collect on 78s?

Post by Terry del Fuego I'm not much for trying to get original 78s of something that's been made available in a more modern format.

I enjoy the music, but possibly even more than that I just enjoy that "78 sound". I've got a few odd things around here though, like a standard 8mm sound print of the uncensored version of "The Dentist". I was really annoyed when Criterion's laserdisc used a later version with added sound effects and still missing "Oh, the hell with her!

Post by James Neibaur Unless you have a wacked-out hangup like that,.

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