What is annie sloan chalk paint

what is annie sloan chalk paint

What Is Chalk Paint?

The colour of chalk and gesso, Old White is a soft off-white Chalk Paint® colour that works with everything. It has no pink or yellow in it so you can use it to lighten any of the other Chalk Paint® colour and create the exact tone for your room. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint vs Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint- Covering the Basics. Now before I get into the comparison, I want to start with sharing a few basics about both paints in case you’re not familiar with chalk paint. Both the Annie Sloan chalk paint and the Rust-Oleum version allow for minimal prep work. No sanding is required, no primer needed.

Chalk-style paint has become incredibly popular, lsoan part thanks to Pinterest, but you might be wondering what sets it apart from traditional paint. At a glance, chalk-style paint how to nap at work recognizable by its soft, ultra-matte finish.

It resembles a surface covered in chalk, hence the name. The paint itself is latex-based, meaning you can clean up with water instead of mineral spirits, chal, it tends to be thicker and easier to work with than standard paint. Unlike a high- or semi-gloss, a matte finish has no hwat to it. Instead, it has a bit of a chalky or flat look. Chalk paint, however, is more akin to standard wall paint, just with a different finish.

Avoid drawing on your chalk paint, as it may ruin the surface. Annie Sloan, the founder of the self-named company, wanted a paint that required less prep and was easier to work annke. Over the next few decades, the formula was honed so the paint would adhere to chalj about any surface and require little to no preparation. Chalk paint quickly gained popularity, becoming the go-to for creating distressed furniture or shabby chic decor.

Chalk paint is commonly used on furniture, as it gives pieces a gently aged appearance and is easy to distress. However, chalk paint is by no means limited to furniture. Many people use chalk-style paint on their kitchen cabinets, especially in shabby-chic or country-style decor. Another popular way to use chalk paint is to create a two-color distress. Essentially, you paint a base color, then cover it up with another shade. The short answer is yes, but only if you take the paibt to seal it properly.

When you follow these instructions, your chalk paint will likely look beautiful for several years, though you can alway re-wax the surface if it starts to look shabby. Alternatively, you can use varnish or even polyurethane to seal your chalk paint, and many people report this method works well to improve durability. However, this may take away from the matte finish. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content. Create a personalised content profile.

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First, some thoughts on painting with Chalk Paint® …

Waxing painted furniture is easy – follow Annie Sloan's top tips for applying Chalk Paint® Wax and able to enjoy a finish that will last and last. Once you’ve finished painting a piece of furniture with Chalk Paint®, you’re going to want to seal in your paintwork to create a lasting finish. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint For Online Ordering and Delivery. We specialize in selling and distributing Chalk Paint® Decorative paint by Annie Sloan. For you, we take extra measures when preparing your order to protect the contents of your order. We wrap each Liter of Chalk Paint® in cardboard, packing peanuts, and extra lining in boxes when needed. Annie Sloan joins Marianne to talk all things chalk paint. Watch as she walks us through three chalk painting techniques. Check out these cute paint projects.

Annie Sloan is proud to support small businesses, and you can be too. Every Stockist is hand picked for their individual style and we're very proud that no two shops are the same. Annie only works with independent businesses. Annie's tight-knit community of Stockists can be found in over 50 countries around the world.

They may each look different, but they all share a unifying passion for all things Annie Sloan. Only our Stockists are trained in the Annie Sloan Method. Each retailer can offer you workshops and up-to-date practical advice on paint techniques and colour. Annie's Stockists go through continued training to make them the best they can be.

We are open and accepting orders in the UK and France as usual but are experiencing a slight delivery delay of 5 - 7 working days. However, many of our Stockists are open and also selling online, and will likely have a shorter lead time.

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