What is right and left wing

what is right and left wing

Where Did the Terms 'Left Wing' and 'Right Wing' Come From?

Jul 06, †Ј Right-Wing politics is centered around beliefs that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable and natural, with this belief being supported by natural law or tradition. Left-wing politics supports social equality often in opposition to social hierarchy or any other form of class division. Sep 08, †Ј The core difference between left and right-wing is that left-wing is an ideology supported by liberals whereas right-wing is an ideology supported by a conservative. More Sources and References Right and Left Wing.

The fundamental differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies center around the the rights of individuals vs. Left-wing beliefs are liberal in what is right and left wing they believe society is best served with an expanded role for the government. People on the right believe that the best outcome for society is achieved when individual rights and civil liberties are paramount and the role Ч and especially the power Ч of the government is minimized.

Examples of an expanded role for the government include entitlement programs such as social security and Medicare, Medicaiduniversal healthcare, food stamps, free public educationunemployment benefits, strong environmental laws, and other regulations on industries. Right wing ideology would favor market-based solutions to the issues that these government programs aim to tackle. For example, encouraging a freer marketplace for healthcaredriven by consumer choice to drive down costs.

Or privately held retirement accounts like k plans instead of government-guaranteed Social Security. See also: Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. The political terms left wing and right wing originated in the 18th century during the French Revolution. They are based on the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly Ч those who sat on the left of the chair of the parliamentary president supported the revolution and a secular republic, and opposed the monarchy of the old regime.

The people on the left were in favor of radical change, socialism and republicanism i. The stronger your opposition to radical change and desire to preserve traditional society, the more you were to the right.

Tradition, institutional religion and privatization of economy were considered the core values of the right-wing. A variety of social issues in the U. These include abortion, the death penalty, drug policy, gay rights, women's rights, separation of church and state, gun rights, and healthcare policy. In general, the left wing philosophy believes in "one for all and all for one," looking to the government to support those who cannot support themselves.

The right wing, on the other hand believes supporting individuals in need is not the most efficient way to optimize government resources, and relies on the private sector and charitable institutions for the same. The left wing generally supports abortion rights, but does not outwardly and necessarily believe that abortion is a good thing.

Those on the right, largely due to religious beliefs, would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned to make abortions illegal. Some majority-right states have enacted legislation recently that would make it harder for women to attain abortions while not outlawing it entirely.

The right wing believes that a fetus is a living person and that abortion is, therefore, murder. Some people make an exception for cases involving rape and incest, but some do not. Left-wingers believe that women how to make flaming arrows minecraft have control over their bodies and that outlawing abortion infringes on women's reproductive rights.

Some also claim that making abortions illegal will only force them underground, resulting in untrained, non-physicians performing botched abortions and risking women's lives. Some other arguments by the pro-life and pro-choice factions are described here. Many on the left believe that the death penalty is barbaric and does not deter crime. Meanwhile, the right generally believes that certain crimes deserve death as a punishment, somewhat akin to the "an eye for an eye" doctrine.

A debate over the fairness of the criminal justice system has emerged, with the left asserting that many on death row may be innocent. Almost without exception, those on the left support gay marriageand other gay rights issues like adoption rights and non-discrimination at work or in business.

Most on the right believe marriage is strictly an institution based on the union of a man and a woman, and see gay unions as an aberration from the norm.

People on the right also advocate for the right of employers especially religious institutions, including Catholic hospitals to choose not to employ gay individuals.

Another issue of divergence on gay rights is businesses choosing their customers. For example, a florist in Washington state refused to do the flower arrangement for a gay wedding. She was sued for discrimination. In a situation like this, people on the right generally support the business owner while those on the left support the customers. Some people on the political right believe that religious doctrine, such as the 10 Commandments, should play a role in government.

Some on the right have sought to have such Christian documents enshrined near government buildings, as according to them, the government should abide by the Bible when it comes to social issues like abortion and gay marriage. A significant portion on the left identify themselves as atheist or agnostic. Regardless of their religious beliefs, people on the left strongly believe in a secular government and the separation of church and state. While some on the right are moving from strongly and wholly supporting the Second Amendment to accepting a ban on assault weaponsmany still stand firmly in support of the right to bear arms.

Their argument is that guns don't kill people; people kill people, and every citizen should retain the right to defend himself. The right to bear arms is enshrined in the U.

The left is in favor of restricting gun ownership altogether, or at least banning automatic or assault weapons. This video with its black humor is the left's take on the issue of gun control. University of Virginia psychology professor Jonathan Haidt has studied moral values of people on different parts of the political spectrum.

It used to be that the right wing had a very strong talk- radio presence, while the left had a strong presence in print media. In recent years, media outlets have formed to appease either the left or right wings. While many on the left will vote exclusively for Democrats and those on the right will vote for Republicans, many do so only because there are no other choices.

Many on the far-right or far-left would prefer politicians who represent the most extreme respective political philosophyi.

In general, the right wing outnumbers the left in the U. Even so, 23 percent is the highest number self-identifying as being on the left at any time since Those who would typically identify as being on the right tend to live in rural what is a good graduation present for a guy and suburbs, especially in the south, Midwest, and extreme rural west.

Meanwhile, those on the left tend to inhabit medium and large citiesand live along either the east or west coast. Those on the left also tend to be young, and many tend to be of a minority population, including women. Those who identify as being on the right tend to be older, most often Caucasianand mostly male.

Share this comparison:. If you read this far, you should follow us:. Diffen LLC, n. Left Wing vs. Right Wing. Comparison chart Left Wing versus Right Wing comparison chart Left Wing Right Wing Political Philosophy Liberal Conservative Economic Policy Income equality; higher tax rates on the wealthy; government spending on social programs and infrastructure; stronger regulations on business.

Lower taxes; less regulation on businesses; how to get rid of ants naturally in the yard government spending; balanced budget. Healthcare Policy Believe that access to healthcare is one of the fundamental rights of all citizens.

Oppose government-provided universal healthcare and the Affordable Care Act. Favor competition to Medicare from private insurance companies; oppose Medicaid expansion. Immigration Policy Pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants; moratorium on deportations or prosecutions of undocumented immigrants who are young adults and have no criminal record. No "amnesty" for undocumented immigrants; stronger border patrol and fence to check illegal immigration.

Belief that illegal immigration is lowering wages for citizens and documented immigrants. Education Policy Favor expanded free, public education. Believe parents who want to home-school their kids or send them to private school should be able to get vouchers for opting out of the public school system.

Generally not opposed to public education. Abortion Generally in favor of unpenalized access to abortion and of both adult and embryotic stem cell research. Generally against abortion rights, support only adult stem cell research. Gay Rights Generally support gay marriage; support anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBT against workplace discrimination.

Generally opposed to gay marriage; opposed to certain anti-discrimination laws because they believe such laws conflict with certain religious beliefs and restrict freedom of religion. Gun Rights In favor of gun control laws like background checks or waiting periods before buying a gun; banning automatic how to use freederm facial cleanser and disallowing concealed weapons. Strongly opposed to gun control laws; strong proponents of the Second Amendment the right to bear armsbelieving it's a deterrent against authoritarian rule.

Environmental policy Generally conservative, preferring to ban economic activity that may create jobs but could potentially harm the environment. Generally more permissive, considering economic impact of environmental regulation. Believe the free market will find its own solution what is right and left wing environmental problems.

Voter ID Laws Against voter ID laws citing a undue burden on lower income groups causing them to be disenfranchised, and b virtually no evidence of voter fraud actually occurring. For voter identification laws to combat voter fraud. Limited Government at National or Federal Level. Local Governments should have the most control over decisions affecting local population.

Individual freedom and personal property rights. Origins in France The political terms left wing and right wing originated in the 18th century during the French Revolution. Social Policies A variety of social issues in the U. Abortion The left wing generally supports abortion rights, but does not outwardly and necessarily believe that abortion is a good thing. Related issues Some issues are closely related to abortion rights, including: Embryonic stem cell research : People on the left support embryonic stem-cell researchwhich involves the creation, usage and destruction of human embryos, believing that the research has the potential to save and improve lives, and cure many diseases.

People on the right are horrified by what they believe is the taking how to stop trembling when nervous a human life. Religious rights of pharmacists : The right wing believes that emergency contraceptive pills Ч commonly called "morning-after pills" Ч are similar to having an abortion. So pharmacists who oppose abortions on religious or moral grounds should be allowed to not dispense such pills.

The left wing believes that pharmacists are healthcare workers who should be required by law to dispense any medication that a patient has a prescription for. Contraception mandate in health insurance : One of the provisions of Affordable Care Act a. With strong opposition from the right wing, especially the Catholic church, some exceptions for religious institutions were made. The Death Penalty Many on the left believe that the death penalty is barbaric and does not deter crime.

Opponents of the death penalty cite the following reasons for their position: Several people on death row were innocent and have been exonerated.

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Dec 06, †Ј Matthew Palmer/Getty Images It has to do with seating arrangements. Today the terms Уleft wingФ and Уright wingФ are used as symbolic labels for liberals and . Mar 28, †Ј In fact, it is possible to have a left wing and a right wing inside a political party where the left wing is described as a section of the party that is radical and reforming while the right wing is described as a section that is conservative or cgsmthood.com: Koshal.

We explain the American political left-wing and right-wing by looking at the different factions that make up American liberalism and American conservatism.

TIP : For more insight, see: What is liberalism? See also, left and right as naturally occurring systems. TIP : See an essay on terms and labels and the problems with identity politics. Try to avoid reacting emotionally to a term without fully appreciating the definitions we are trying to provide.

We are seeking to define complex terms that mean different things to different people to help us all better understand modern American politics, thus there are lots of emotional traps to fall into. The American Left-wing Ч Modern American Liberalism : The social justice ideology of collective liberty, social equality, and necessary government. They tend to favor inclusive big groups and use big government to ensure social liberty and equality , much to the dissatisfaction of the political right.

It sometimes embraces classical liberalism in terms of individual liberties, and almost always stands against social conservatism. They tend to increase both social spending and taxes. This can lead to a chain of events in which the country is locked into overspending and lacking additional revenue sources.

TIP : Other ideologies related to the American left include humanists, utilitarians, and more. Did we miss something? Comment below. The American Right-wing Ч Modern American Conservatism : The traditional values ideology of individualism, classical American values, and a limited safety net. They may use government, but it will often be to deregulate, to ensure law and order and religious values, and to roll-back spending social justice programs.

Is dominated by social conservative values on justice and classically liberal values on government as it constantly has to fight back against the social justice programs of the left, thus constantly needs to deregulate. It often embraces classical conservatism to ensure against things like ACORN or Planned Parenthood or to up military spending and almost always stands against social liberalism that is its main thing.

They tend to decrease social spending and decrease taxes, but they offset this by increasing other types of spending thus their net effect on the bottom line is no different than a Democrat theoretically, but in practice has sometimes been worse. This group is typically dominant in the South, rural areas, and has an older white Protestant base. That is its own essay but is related certainly to the concept of the general will and cronyism.

This is true even though the right has elements of liberalism, especially radical classical liberalism, and the left has elements of conservatism, especially pro-government classical conservatism. Typically factions have enough in common to form a coalition. In Trump vs. Clinton, Trump attracted part of the working left and part of their fringe right, helping to push him to victory.

Meanwhile, some of the progressive left failed to rally behind Clinton. The opposite occurred in Romney vs. In both cases, one could argue populists carried the vote. See our page on How to Understand the Left-Right Political Spectrum for a broader view on the political left and right including the history of the terms and how to understand them outside of American politics.

Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depositary of the public interests.

In every country these two parties exist, and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves. Call them, therefore, Liberals and Serviles, Jacobins and Ultras, Whigs and Tories, Republicans and Federalists, Aristocrats and Democrats, or by whatever name you please, they are the same parties still and pursue the same object.

The last one of Aristocrats [Republicans] and Democrats is the true one expressing the essence of all. ME TIP : I agree with Thomas Jefferson in feeling that these two tents are aspects of the human condition manifesting as political parties. Jefferson talked about the ideological class divide in the passage above, but other aspects of general left-right ideology can be said to apply as well.

In America, a majority is needed to win elections so people coalesce into two big groups as a two-party system. The other party is not the enemy although radical fringe groups can sometimes break this rule, even they should be understood with a clear head, as they are likely arising as a reaction to something that needs to be addressed by the Center. They are a political opponent, but on a deeper level, they are a necessary part of what keeps us a superpower.

It is vital we find common ground and compromise. Right wing populism, a sort of right-wing progressivism or a progressivism of the right wing ideology.

What do we want, populist right wing change, when do we want it, now, who are we, we are right wing progressives. Tea Party is not Bernie Sanders, but both have a populist tinge. The puritanical right and the prohibition left share planks. By definition and default, to be Right wing, means to be opposed to the idea that every human being is an equal as a human being, and therefore has, or has been endowed with the same Rights as every other human being.

This means then, that despite what American Right wingers might wish to believe, and despite what American Right wingers might claim, Right wing ideology, again, by definition and default, is incompatible with the ideas, ideals, principles and values this the USA was founded upon.

Yes, the truth is still true even when the truth hurts, and is not something you are willing to accept. The KKK was founded and supported by social conservatives whether they would consider themselves left or right is maybe up for debate; I think I would call it a left-right mix. So for example, the same sorts of ideological groups that supported the southern Democrats who became the confederates also then later, at least parts of them very roughly speaking, also created and supported the KKK.

Demographically true, politically accurate enough to say what we mean. I feel like we all logically know that when we say KKK we think about the South and the Confederacy and maybe supporters of Hitler and such, so it is hard to think we are also talking about a bunch of liberals living in NYC who we are worried might be too big of fans of Marx or something too.

Hope that makes sense. I think what I said points out the truth, but what you said does not enough. The first black man elected to office was inspired by Lincoln who was the first republican president. The Republican Party has always been a champion for equal rights and the factual history is very clear. What is not clear is the distortion of history or rather the omission of information being fed to our students in social studies classes.

Hopefully this clears everything up. Thank you! Convenient that the Democratic Party seems to brush their foundation in slavery under the rug!

No one wants to own that one for sure. But it was for sure the Democrat-led south. Very clear from history that this is the case. It is how to see that in the context of history and what has changed that turns a short conversation into a long one.

The American Left-Wing and the American Right-Wing Explained and Compared We explain the American political left-wing and right-wing by looking at the different factions that make up American liberalism and American conservatism. Understanding the American Left-wing Ч American Liberalism The American Left-wing Ч Modern American Liberalism : The social justice ideology of collective liberty, social equality, and necessary government.

When used in comparison to classical liberalism, it indicates a progressive form of liberalism focused on social equality. It shares classist stances with the progressive right populists such as aspects of trade protectionism. Unions and Left-leaning Workers : The left in the employment sector. A bridge between progressives and neoliberals. Not all Unions are left, but Unions are historically favored by the left-leaning factions of American history.

Left-leaning traditional conservatives : Those who are socially or fiscally inclined to the left, but conservative in their views on authority and power structure. Hollywood liberals : The left as portrayed by the Media, especially news outlets and celebrities. Like the Clinton family. Learn more about neoliberalism and globalization. The Religious Left : Those who see religion as calling for social justice. Human Rights advocates Humanists : Those who advocate for women or minorities. This includes the more radical progressives on the left who fight for figures like Snowden and the left-leaning Hacktivists.

A humanist might embrace true Utilitarianism as a first principle, opting for a moral view of politics. Green Environmentalists : Those who advocate for the environment.

The environment is a big issue for most of the left, although reasons for this vary. Socialists : Those whose beliefs favor Marx rather than social liberalism. It is properly placed in this group, at the bottom of the list, for a reason similar to how fascism will be placed in the right-wing group belowЕ at the bottom of the list. Understanding the American Right-wing Ч American Conservatism The American Right-wing Ч Modern American Conservatism : The traditional values ideology of individualism, classical American values, and a limited safety net.

Nativist Populists : A populist movement focused on protectionism and nativism which tends to attract right-wing thinkers. Paleoconservatives : A Paleocon is a social conservative and nativist populist who stands against neoconservatism. The portion of the Republican base which identifies as right-wing but strongly favored Trump over Bush in the primary is in this category. Right-leaning workers : Workers who are anti-union and anti-left.

Right-leaning Traditional conservatives : Those who are socially or fiscally right, but otherwise have conservative views of authority and power structure. Like the Bush family. The Religious Right : Those who see religion as calling for enforcing restrictions. The Anti-Communists : Those who are first and foremost against Communism. Was more popular in the era of the Duke, but this is still a thing. Constitutionalists : Those who are strict constitutionalists, but with a mind that that allows for militias and deregulation.

In this respect, they tend to cherry pick the founding documents. The Alt-right : The new young hybrid of far-right radicals, fascists, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians.

This group might be seen as a left-wing version of right-wing since it relies on a liberal environment to be right-wing. Arguably includes right-leaning Hacktivists and other such alternative right-wing groups. It is a mistake to think these Breitbartians are just the old run of the mill blonde hair blue eyed racist nativist.

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