What it feels like for a girl music video

what it feels like for a girl music video

Madonna - What it feels like for a girl

Oct 27,  · You're watching the official music video for "What It Feels Like For A Girl" from Madonna's album 'Music' released on Warner Bros. in Buy/Stream the 'M. May 04,  · Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t.

The intro is an excerpt from the movie ' The Cement Garden '. The words are spoken by actrice Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Serge -je t'aime moi non plus- Gainsbourg. Madonna got her inspiration for the song after seeing this particular scene. Madonna sure knows what it feels like for a girl, having made her way in an all-male world.

Inspired by a scene from the movie 'The Cement Garden' she wrote about the complexities of a girl's life. The song was released on April 17, as the third and final single from Music.

Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie had their first frels collaboration when they decided to let Guy direct the video for What It Feels. Since Guy has only done gangster movies so far, many fans reacted surprised after hearing he would direct the video for this beautiful ballad. The result of the three day video shoot in LA in February, was a little gangster movie of his own.

And quite some fantasy it is! We see Madonna pick up an old lady from a retirement home called Ol' Kuntz Guest Home and then leave with a yellow Camaro sportscar with licence plate 'pussy' in front and 'cat' in the back for a joy ride. She videp a guy's car, steals money using a stun gun, shoots cops with a squirt gun, blows up a gas station, AOL streamed the video at the same time.

MTV Europe did play the video, but only after 10 pm. Other music channels showed it in the daytime. Erotica got airplay after midnight. First she appears as a cyberpunk girl, rocking musci stage and standing up to her men, even toying with them during Beautiful Stranger. Vudeo she returns as a Geisha girl she's put down on her knees for her male master, who defeats her during Nobody's Perfect.

Before she fir into a cowgirl, we finally get to hear What It Feels, but in a wat version. On screen we see an animated video, which shows a girl having a hard time, running from evil, with painful memories, images of rape, Though in the kt it turns out to whhat a bad dream.

The video is part whzt the Manga movie called Perfect Blue. Dancing only with female dancers embodies the female empowerment of the song. What It Feels Like For A Girl Lyrics intro: Girls can wear jeans And cut their hair short Wear shirts and boots Cause it's okay to be a boy But for a how to research an attorney to look like a girl is degrading Cause you think being a girl is degrading But secretly You'd love to know what it's like Wouldn't you?

Album Music.

#67 in 2001

Like she herself has said before, each video is like a little movie, vignettes that have truly defined Madonna as artist. Even her most successful film role to date (Evita) was nothing more than an extended music video. So, along comes "What It Feels Like For A Girl" the video/5(54). Apr 20,  · Above & Beyond were tasked with remixing hit ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’, and it made an impact that could never have been predicted by anyone. Reaching clubs all over the world, there was a time where this particular remix dominated the music scene, and Madonna even went as far as to include the remix in the official music video. The single 'What It Feels Like For A Girl' was an atmospheric trance-like anthem, where as the original album version (which featured on Madonna's 'Music' album) is much softer, much poppier and much more mellow. Sarah from Salem, Ma I agree with you on this one, Saxon. I'm especially interested in the spoken part at the very beginning that.

In , Madonna was still riding high on the wave of the release of her eighth studio album, Music. As dusk turns to night, the duo finds themselves at a stoplight. Leering men in the car next to Madonna and the old woman present the former with the opportunity to claim vengeance for all the times the latter was forced to put a lid on it while gawked at, especially back in the prime of her life, presumably sometime in the 50s and 60s. After winking at the bobbing headed men, Madonna guns the vehicle and then turns it around to smack right into them—she has quelled the representation of every man who ever made the old woman feel inferior with the mere look of lechery.

And yet, they say a woman is invisible once she gets those first few wrinkles and men stop acknowledging her in any capacity, since the only reason to would be for sexually initiating purposes. The symbolism in this act stems from the notion that women are reliant upon men for money, financial well-being. Smiling with diabolical pleasure, Madonna continues on her rampage through a team of recreational nighttime hockey players that run for cover as her car barrels through their game. She enjoys eating the rest of her fries from the drive-in a gesture that makes sense when considering the song was written while she was pregnant with Rocco Ritchie, and succumbed to the temptations of cravings as she nearly injures a few more men, making sure to stop in front of a trash can to deposit her refuse, iterating the point that women are still always careful and considerate in their recklessness.

Madonna has shown the old woman enough of a good time now, and the moment has come to end her life as she acts the part of Death, emphasized by the smash cut image of her slamming her hotel door shut and the numbers on the door shifting from to , the mark of the beast, the devil, Death, whatever you want to call him. The fact that Madonna completed the song before giving birth to her second child highlights her own constant fear of irrelevancy, and being deemed not worthwhile simply because she is of a certain age.

The age-old premise of two friends--one male, one female yeah, yeah it's all so gender normative --who can't see what's right Share this: Print Facebook Twitter. Read previous post: Slow Learners: Slow To Start, Quick to Finish The age-old premise of two friends--one male, one female yeah, yeah it's all so gender normative --who can't see what's right

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